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WNM logo, c. 2007

World News Media (WNM) is an international television news network that airs to bring information reports regarding events that have happened, and are happening, across the world.

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The news network first appears as First News Wire (FNW) during the Georgian Information Crisis in 2004, and later it appears as World News Media (WNM) in during the Indonesian Crisis in 2006, and later the East Asian Crisis in 2007. (This means that the name change from First News Wire to World News Media must have happened at some point between around 2005 and 2006.)

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Most of the broadcasts are hosted by Morris Odell and give updates regarding events that are currently happening in the world, as well as referencing events that were influenced by Third Echelon, specifically Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher. Occasionally, the network will feature interviews and reports from people who discuss their thoughts regarding certain subjects, from people like political analysts to normal citizens (typically American citizens when a U.S. event happens). In the games, news stories of interest are highlighted as it moves between different broadcast times regarding events. After the news clips are done, the game may either show a cutscene or start the mission.

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