William Redding
William Redding in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.
Biographical information
Nicknames Will
Born 1969, San Diego, California[1]
Citizenship Flag of the United States American
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 5′11″[1]
Weight 180 lbs[1]
Career information
Occupation Business Development Manager for a Research Firm[2]
Third Echelon Field Runner (CT[1])
Rank O-3 Captain[1]
Affiliations United States Marine Corps
National Security Agency
Third Echelon
Sam Fisher
Victor Coste
Paladin Nine Security
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Essentials
Voice actor(s) Thor Bishopric

William Redding was Sam Fisher's field runner in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, replacing Frances Coen. He provided Fisher with weapons, extraction and vehicle-based intel during missions. Redding also gave Sam weapon kit recommendations at the beginning of missions. Redding was voiced by Thor Bishopric.


Early lifeEdit

William Redding was born in 1969 in San Diego, California. He attended the University of Chicago, where he received a B.A. in political science with a dual major in history. He then joined the Marine Corps where he trained as a communications specialist, and rose quickly to the rank of captain. Redding left the Corps to work for the NSA as a signal intelligence analyst. He soon found that his experience as a Marine ended up getting him assigned to atypically dangerous locales and bringing him a lot of recognition.

2003: CheckmateEdit

He was Sam Fisher's field handler and advance man, known for being a bookworm of the highest caliber with a fanatical focus on planning and details, a complete geek.[3] He was also a Marine Corps trained interrogator.[4]

2007: NYC Cyber Attacks/East Asian CrisisEdit

Fisher and Redding

Redding with Sam Fisher before his mission to the Lighthouse in Peru. The Blackhawk is currently taking them to the USS Clarence E. Walsh.

In the summer of 2007, Redding served as Sam Fisher's field runner during the Cyber Attacks on New York City and the East Asian Crisis, which nearly saw the world thrust into World War III. Redding was in charge of assembling Sam's equipment, and maintained many standard sets of gear committed for different types of missions, including stealth and assault. He also kept Fisher up to date on the nature of the enemies and means of security he would face on his missions, ensuring that there was no room for error on a high-priority assignment. Many of the objectives he addressed were secondary objectives that ultimately proved all the more helpful in Third Echelon's efforts to track down the engineers behind the crisis, such as monitoring weapons trades and the hunt for accomplices. Redding was known for his efficiency when providing tactical assistance to Fisher.

2008: FalloutEdit

By this time William Redding's role had become that of a free safety; research, weapons, and gear. Brainstormer at large.[5]

2009: After JBA Crisis/Red Mercury IncidentEdit

After the JBA Crisis, Redding discovered that some of Sam Fisher's files did not match what really happened during the events of missions in Sam's career. Redding explained what really happened during the events in which he had helped Sam during the NYC Cyber Attacks/East Asian Crisis two years before, and where discrepancies in the files exist. His discovery prompted his fellow Third Echelon colleague Anna Grímsdóttir into looking through Sam's records, which led to the discovery that they were tampered by Lawrence Williams (who became Director of Operations after Irving Lambert took an extended leave of absence during the JBA Crisis/Red Mercury Incident) in order to frame Fisher. He also learned later that Director Williams had confronted Anna and took the CD containing the evidence of his file tampering. Later, after Sam escaped from his interrogators, he hid in Redding's office and was able to explain what happened during his last mission to Grim and Redding over a phone. Redding told Sam that he needed to infiltrate the NSA Headquarters to get the CD that Director Williams had stolen.

Life after Third EchelonEdit

Redding was forced out by Tom Reed. He went into the private sector, briefly working for Victor Coste at Paladin Nine before looking for something a bit more structured. These days he's the business development manager for a research firm specializing in DARPA contracts based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts.[2]


Redding is a calm, bookwormy type. He is fanatical about his planning, preparation, and data, and is meticulously accurate in every facet of his job. He is a bit of a fetishist when it comes to weapons and vehicle specifications and could list from memory every item aboard an Osprey at any time, including its weight and location.



  • Redding is an avid baseball fan, having been watching a game in New York City while technically still on duty.
  • Like Charlie Cole in Fourth Echelon, Redding excels at equipment and weapons, he gives Sam recommended loadout in every mission in Chaos Theory.
  • Dermot Brunton plays similar role to Redding in Pandora Tomorrow, also their voices are pretty similar to each other, although two different voice actors.
  • Redding is named after a Ubisoft employee, Patrick Redding, who worked on Far Cry 2.


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