Were you looking for the Washington Monument (location), the setting this level takes place?

"That op started a change in Sam, one that would take years to really show itself. Years of figuring out what that really meant. But Sam's deal with Grim meant he needed intel on EMPs and Black Arrow right now. Sam never asked for the little things, which meant this... was big."
Victor Coste

Washington Monument is the fifth solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. Ex-Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher must rendezvous with his trusted friend Victor Coste for important intelligence and must deal with Black Arrow operatives who are hunting him down at the Washington Monument in Washington D.C.

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Mission Overview[edit | edit source]

After leaving Price Airfield, Fisher uses Anna Grímsdóttir's vehicle to escape the area and drive towards the Washington Monument, while on the way he contacted his war buddy Victor Coste to set up a rendezvous at the famous national landmark. Fisher arrived near the Washington Monument and parked the vehicle, making his way towards the meeting point. The area around the Washington Monument were currently being used as grounds for an county fair currently going on. While on his way to the meeting point, Coste contacts Fisher using his phone and notifies him that there are currently three men in suits currently scouting the ground for both Fisher and Coste. Fisher needed to track them down and get rid of them before they spotted him. Fisher used the cover and civilian presence in the area to grab each individual agent and interrogate them while they were secluded from any witnesses. Fisher was able to learn that the agents were sent by Tom Reed to look for them, and that they knew that Fisher and Coste were going to attempt to meet nearby. After gathering information from each of the agents, Fisher was able to neutralize them and finally make his way to the visitor screening center located at the base of the Washington Monument.

Fisher proceeded towards the rendezvous point and entered the visitor screening center building, finally meeting Victor Coste inside. Coste gives Fisher a Portable EMP built-in to a sling pack and explains that the Portable EMP can be activated to disable any nearby electronics with an electrical subsystem, however, the inside of the sling pack is shielded, meaning that they will not be affected by the pulse. Fisher thanks Coste, but sarcastically tells him that he didn't get him anything. Coste tells Fisher to stop joking around, and explains to him that White Box Technologies, an R&D (Research and Development) company that specializes in EMP technology had hired Black Arrow for corporate security. Coste further explained that this was odd, pointing out that Black Arrow does not usually provide those type of services meaning that this could be Fisher's best lead.

Suddenly, Black Arrow operatives dressed in HAZMAT uniforms arrive in the area and clear the civilians from the fair grounds, claiming that there was a reported gas leak in the area. In reality, however, this was just a cover to find and kill Sam Fisher (after having lost contact with their scouting agents who were present in the fair grounds at the start of the mission). Fisher made his way back through the fair grounds and past all of the games and rides that had been set up, pushing his way back to Grímsdóttir's vehicle. After reaching the vehicle, Fisher left the area and drove to White Box Laboratories to further investigate.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A Rabbid plush toy can be seen in one of the booths on in this level. A Rabbid balloon can also be seen in the sky. This is a reference to Ubisoft's other IP, Rayman Raving Rabbids.
  • The small building Fisher rendezvoused with Coste in is the security screening center that was erected following the September 11th attacks. This screening center was supposed to be temporary, until a more 'aesthetically pleasing' center building could be constructed.
  • This is the first level that the Portable EMP appears in, as Coste first gives it to Fisher during the middle section of the level.
  • This is the second level Victor Coste appears in, his first level was the previous mission where he was actually the player character of the level - the one players took control of for the course of the rescue mission.
  • In a game booth near the Washington Monument, in the back, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory can be seen.

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