"Damnation! The Americans have taken the basement. I want all available men armed to converge on the basement. We'll kill them all!"
― An enraged Grinko commands his men to kill Sam Fisher, November 2004.[src]

Vyacheslav Grinko (October 30, 1959 – November 11, 2004), was an ex-Spetsnaz-turned-mercenary who was Kombayn Nikoladze's right hand man during the Georgian Information Crisis.

Biography[edit | edit source]

2004: Georgian Information Crisis[edit | edit source]

Grinko was first mentioned during a phone conversation in T'bilisi, when one of his mercenary guards reported to him that inspection of Robert Blaustein's apartment has failed to locate Blaustein's "Black Box" (Blaustein's sub-dermal tracker).

It isn't until the very end of the "Police Station" level that it becomes clear that Grinko plays a significant role. After uploading surveillance records from the security camera watching morgue that contained Blaustein and Alice Madison's corpses, Sam Fisher found that the CIA agents' subdermal tracking devices were taken by Grinko. Using Grinko's car license plate number, Fisher followed him to the Georgian Ministry of Defence.

At the Defense Ministry, Grinko met with Canadian computational theorist Philip Masse, who was also conscripted by President Nikoladze. Having extracted the details of the time and location of this meeting from Grinko's personal driver, Fisher eavesdropped on the pair as they conversed in the glass elevator overlooking the courtyard. From the conversation, he finally discovered the fate of the CIA agents' subdermals and uncovered talk of a Georgian operation in Azerbaijan. During the conversation, Masse lets it slip that Nikoladze's computer contains the only clear evidence on the operation. Fisher moved to infiltrate the office and accessed the computer to allow his support team to learn of the secret war Nikoladze and the Georgians had been waging in the region. During the transfer of information, Grinko discovers the presence of someone accessing Nikoladze's computer and ordered an assault on the office. However, Fisher attempted to make his escape, with Grinko ordering all available forces to converge on the rooftop. Unfortunately for the Georgians, Fisher fled and rendezvoused with Wilkes in the basement parking garage; both ex-filtrate with the security intelligence.

When the war in Azerbaijan went public, Grinko went underground with Nikoladze and relocated his command to Myanmar, where Nikoladze was in contact with his Chinese allies. Grinko, as chief of security, directed all operations from Myanmar, and was eventually put in charge of the webcast executions of captured American soldiers. Prior to the executions, Grinko was implied to have tortured Long Dan, one of three Chinese dignitaries captured from the Myanmar Embassy and held captive in the stalls of Mouke Tsoe Bo Meats.

Grinko's death and Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Grinko's last moments

When Fisher disrupted the broadcast, Grinko ordered that Nikoladze be evacuated immediately, and commanded a sweep of the abattoir for what he suspected to be the American rescue team. Grinko later sent the execution squad to kill the soldiers and ambassadors, but this attempt was foiled by Fisher. Fisher finally reached the hostages in the basement and Grinko ordered an all out assault against the Americans. At the climax, Grinko took matters into his own hands and started firing on Fisher. Irving Lambert, Third Echelon's director at the time, ordered Fisher to take down Grinko, and eventually, Fisher dispatches the fearsome mercenary leader.

Upon realizing Grinko was dead, his surviving men panicked and fled, halting the executions, as Lambert suggested they would. Grinko's death was a major blow to Nikoladze's terrorist operations.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Third Echelon's picture of Grinko

Vyacheslav Grinko was a former member of Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces) who served in Azerbaijan and Afghanistan, and he was a professional sniper (according to in-game text and dialogue). It would also seem that most who encountered him feared him. He was the man responsible for the attempted executions of American soldiers in Myanmar. When Sam Fisher infiltrated Nikoladze's hideout in Yanggon, Grinko took command and ordered his men to evacuate Nikoladze. Grinko was neutralized by Fisher inside Mouke Tsoe Bo Meats, a meat-packing plant in Myanmar.

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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Grinko's car license plate number is 84 KP 214.
  • Grinko's driver, Hamlet, is hunted down by Fisher in the "Defense Ministry" level in the parking lot basement. He is caught whilst relieving himself in a corner and is interrogated for information. He reveals that Grinko is going to meet with Philip Masse in the elevator in the courtyard.
  • Data sticks reveal that Grinko has worked under numerous aliases as a mercenary.
  • A data stick in the final level reveals that Nikoladze did eventually learn of Grinko's death after fleeing Myanmar.
  • The objective, "Kill Grinko", will be completed even if you only knock him out with a Sticky Shocker or Smoke Grenade.
  • Grinko had a tattoo on the right side of his neck.

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