Vselka Infiltration is the tenth solo campaign level for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. This level is a bonus DLC level available for users on both the Xbox and PC systems, part of two other levels made free for players. In this level, Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher, months after the events of the previous mission, is tasked with infiltrating an old Russian naval shipyard to located a Russian sailor being held captive by Russian mercenaries.


Locate the Russian sailor being held captive and talk to him.

Information collected at the Kola Facility indicates that the cell operating under the command of Colonel Alekseevich has standing orders to capture a Russian submarine manufacturing facility on the Kola Peninsula. Third Echelon monitoring reveals that the Russian nuclear submarine Vselka is currently docked at the facility. The submarine must be located & Alekseevich's remaining men must be stopped.

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Goals Edit

  • Locate the Russian sailor being held captive and talk to him.
  • Locate the Vselka submarine.
  • Deactivate the compressor in the control room for force the submarine to surface.

Notes Edit

  • The fourth floor doorcode is 8027.
  • The ex-Spetsnaz are using the submarine, which they keep submerged.

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The data collected in Kola Cell from the late Philip Masse told Third Echelon about a cell orchestrated by Colonel Andrei V. Alekseevich is operating in Vselka. They have planned to overtake a shipyard facility in order to commandeer a submarine that just docked. Third Echelon dispatched Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher to investigate the facility and gather information to the mercs use of the sub. Sam begins his mission in the naval shipyard as snow blankets the entire area. Lambert explains to Fisher that his first objective is to find the Russian sailor that was left alive by the Russian Spetsnaz. It was unknown as to why he was left to live only that Sam had to find out. Sam sneaks through the courtyard of the docks avoiding the mercs and dog patrols and scales over fence and carts to reach the main building.

Inside, Sam traverses through halls crawling with CCTV cameras and automated turrets until he reaches the staircase and goes to the next floor. He reaches the mess hall where a group of mercenaries were finishing their meals and went back to their patrols. Sam finds a cooling storage where the Russian hostage was tied on a chair, freezing. The Russian begged him to release him, but Sam's job was to gather info. The sailor told Sam he operates the broadcasting system in the Submarine. It has been outfitted with a good quality, very flexible communications system and that the Assyrians are using it to send messages to the north. He also mentioned that the submarine is kept submerge and that the only way to surface it is by using the controls on the fourth floor. Sam leaves the hostage and goes upstairs where the control room is. Lambert informed Sam he should hit the switch that deactivates the compressor system to either force them up or sink down. Sam infiltrates the controls and throws the switch. This results to have a squad raid the control room as they realized an intruder was sabotaging them. Sam sneaks out and goes back down to reach the doors leading to the submarine and manages to get inside.

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None Given.


  • This is the second mission that takes place in the same location even though the Vselka Submarine is more aesthetically different (taking place on a sub).
  • Both this and Vselka Submarine mission use edited track excerpts from the music featured in the Nuclear Power Plant mission. However, the investigation and combat music was borrowed from the one featured in all levels taking place in Georgia.
  • This is the first mission in the series where Fisher has to go into a control room to surface a submarine, the other being Komodo, Indonesia shipyard (which is in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow), however in the next mission, Sam infiltrates in the submarine.
  • A glitch may occur in the Xbox version where General Kong Feirong's voice may play at the end of the mission, saying the line "I'm going to shoot myself." The correct line is Lambert saying "Fantastic work, Fisher."
  • This and the Vselka Submarine mission were reworked from a discarded mission, Shipyard, which was originally supposed to take place right after Kalinatek. (See Cut Content)
  • Bobrov can be killed without repercussions after you obtain the code for the forth floor.



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