Voron (Russian: Ворон) is a Russian special operations group dedicated to high-risk infiltration and information gathering, analogous to the United States of America's Third Echelon initiative, a sub-branch of the National Security Agency.



A former Voron operative named Ruslan Lupul met with former Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher in Vancouver, Canada to give him a classified file that Voron had regarding the death of Sarah Fisher. Before Lupul gives Fisher the file, however, he gets Fisher to steal DVR technology from a Korean electronics firm called Nexegen Technologies.

2010-2011: Third Echelon Conspiracy Edit

Voron's involvement in Conviction appears to be limited to providing field operative Mikhail Loskov (call-sign Kestrel) to work with Third Echelon Splinter Cell Daniel Sloane-Suarez (call-sign Archer), as Voron appears to cede operational control entirely to Third Echelon. Voron is no longer seen in game after the co-op prologue missions. 

2011, 6 Months Later Blacklist AttacksEdit

Voron appears in Blacklist in three missions given by Isaac Briggs. Voron uses the Blacklist as a distraction to steal nukes from India. It is later revealed that Voron had placed Kestrel in a medically-induced coma at an abandoned city situated in Koltsovo Naukograd, Russia, torturing him for information.

In Blacklist, Voron is much more explored compared to Conviction. Operatives are shown to be used much like Third Echleon operatives, trained in assault tactics rather than infiltration. Additionally, the Raven Suit (VR SV1 Akula) makes a second appearance in the series as an unlockable suit for Sam and Briggs.

Gone Dark: Flip the SpyEdit

  • Gone Dark
  • Santiago, Chile
  • Flip The Spy
  • Report ID 102.1

Grimsdottir: A VORON agent in Chile reached out to one of our people, offering to defect and provide intel on VORON operations in South America. SMI gives this a high probability of being on the level. Apparently our walk-in says he wants to retire and worship the Great Penguin in peace. He...may be a little burned out.

  • Gone Dark
  • Parrwater, Alberta
  • Flip The Spy
  • Report ID 102.2

Briggs: Bad news, Sam. Our man's transponder went offline during the meet with the VORON agent. Police found no sign of our guy and a dead Russsian. Forensics did find one interesting thing - the dead man's pants had traces of a mineral called Kostylevite on them.*Gone Dark

  • Kola Peninsula, Russia
  • Flip The Spy
  • Report ID 102.3

Charlie: Got some sat pix of the region that kostywhatever is from. Looks like there's a shiny new VORON op center there. I tapped their comms and guess what? They're talking about a high-value prisoner getting moved to a site called NERPA. What the hell's a nerpa?

  • Gone Dark
  • Lake Baikal, Russia
  • Flip The Spy
  • Report ID 102.4

Grimsdottir: Nerpa's the local name for the Lake Baikal seal, so that's where we're looking. We've got a hot candidate here, on the east shore, and the SMI's picking up signal from an OPSAT inside. If you think it's legit, we can go in and extract him, but if this goes bad, we're front page news. Want to risk it?

(Extract: $30000) (Hold Off: $30000)

Extract - Mission Failure - [Please fill in corresponding entry and delete this note.]

Hold Off - Mission Success - Briggs: Holding off was the right call. Friendles picked up our guy in Belarus, where he escaped at a transfer point. they took his OPSAT off him, but he'd wiped it before they got him. Plus, he overheard some good HUMINT while he was being held. It's a win.

Known personnelEdit

Developer commentaryEdit

"We seized on the idea of a kind of mirror image for Third Echelon, that served the interests of a modern Russia ruled by billionaire oligarchs. Where Third Echelon was imagined as the sharp point of America’s information warfare apparatus, the Russian group we called Voron (Russian for ‘raven’) would be a black-bag group tasked with sabotage, corporate theft and “talent extraction”. It turned out that in reality, a lot of those kinds of operations were the domain of the SVR (‘Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki’), which handles the foreign and economic intelligence duties that used to be done by the KGB. So in our story, Voron was a shadow unit within the SVR."
― Patrick Redding, Splinter Cell: Conviction Co-Op Game Designer



  • "Voron" is the transliteration of Ворон, with Ворон translating to "Raven".
  • A Voron operative named Stephan Drachev also appears in Tom Clancy's HAWX 2, code-named Wolfhound.
  • At one point, Voron attempted to recruit Sam to be one of their agents instead of a Splinter Cell.
  • All Voron agents have red goggles as their trademark color.
  • The group logo has VOPOH written wrongly on it - the correct way to write "voron" in Russian is BOPOH. This is probably an oversight on the side of the developers.


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