SCC VR Vympel

Voron's Spetsnaz Tactical Assault Suit.

"Voron's Spetsnaz Tactical Assault Suit. Used by Voron field operatives to disguise themselves as Spetsnaz elite soldiers."
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Voron's Spetsnaz Tactical Assault Suit (also known as the VR Vympel) was a uniform from Voron that was mostly used for tactical assault operations for Russian special forces Spetsnaz operations.


In Splinter Cell, the VR Vympel would likely serve as the outfit of soldiers associated with the Vympel special forces unit, which serves as a part of the Center of Special Operations of the FSB, or the CSN FSB for short.  This is implied by the uniform description in the game as "Spetsnaz elite soldiers", which is synonymous in description to Vympel.


A combination of colors are used for each camoflauge. Brown and Gray remain to be the most prominent colors for all of them, being the same color for the vests and gloves for Brown, and Gray for the Helmet, Gas Mask, Deltoids and Knee Guards.

  • Default Variation: Brown only.
  • Variation 1: Green and Khaki.
  • Variation 2: Brown and Khaki.
  • Variation 3: Dark Beige and White.
  • Variation 4: Blue and White.
  • Variation 5: Gray and White.

Sonar GogglesEdit

Archer and Kestrel wear a Sonar Gas Mask that is quite akin to the Soviet PBF Gas Mask that was developed in the Cold War that used during the Georgia Conflict. The gas mask's notable features include the design of the mask having a rather frightful, intimidating look that is complimented with its green or red glow, depending on which operative you play as. There are six belts that are attached together by the glowing latch at the back of the head that keep the Gas Mask together. The Gas Mask itself is also purely aesthetic, and should provide no protection against enemy Gas Grenades in Conviction.


This uniform can be modified with up to three pieces of non-standard equipment to better improve operational capability.

Changes in Appearance

Armor Upgrades

  • Level 1: Knee pads added to both legs.
  • Level 2: Helmet.
  • Level 3: Assault Vest.

Ammo Upgrades

  • Level 1: Light Vest with two pouches on the bottom right side of the torso.
  • Level 2: Light Vest only.
  • Level 3: Straps on both legs added with two Ammo pouches on the left leg.

Equipment Upgrades

  • Level 1: Light Vest with two Equipment pouches on the bottom left side of the torso.
  • Level 2: Light Vest with two more gadgets on the back of the vest.
  • Level 3: Straps added on both legs added with two Equipment Pouches on the left leg.


  • "Vympel" (Russian: Вымпел) roughly translates to "Pennant".
  • As stated above, Vympel is a CSN FSB unit; Vympel was re-designated for counter-terrorist and counter-sabotage operations, and serves as a similar equivalent to the CIA's Special Activities Division, consisting of KGB special units Cascade and Zenith. Vympel is also designated as Division "B".

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