Voron's SV1 Special Operations Suit.

"Voron's SV1 Special Operations Suit. Used by Voron field operatives for covert operations."
― Uniform description

Voron's SV1 Special Operations Suit, better known as the VR SV1 Akula, is the standard issue suit for all Voron field operatives conducting covert operations.

In Splinter Cell: ConvictionEdit

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The SV1 Spec Ops Suit makes it's first appearance in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. Agent Kestrel is the only known wearer of the SV1 Spec Ops Suit, since he was the only featured Voron operative. However, the operative who brought Agents Archer and Kestrel in via Zodiac at the very beginning of Conviction's prologue campaign appears to be wearing what looks like the SV1 Spec Ops Suit too, though this cannot be confirmed.


The SV1 Akula also appears to be less bulky in appearance compared to the 3E Eclipse and is less detailed. The balaclava also appears to consist of plain cloth ingame. In addition the uniform also appears to have less layers of protection compared to the 3E Eclipse most likely due to Splinter Cells in the Main Story having a more shock trooper role as NPCs. Because of this, the SV1 appears to have a more sleek appearance that would make Voron operatives look quite agile compared to Third Echelon Splinter Cells.

Sonar GogglesEdit

Voron operatives wearing the SC1 Akula are equipped with unique red Sonar Goggles equipped on the right side of the head, unlike 3E Operatives who wear their goggles on the left; there are only two focals as opposed to three focals as well.


This uniform can be modified with up to three pieces of non-standard equipment to better improve operational capability. Includes protective armor, more magazine or gadgets. The VR SV1 Akula is one of three uniforms that do not have any changes in appearance when equipping any piece alongside the 3E Eclipse and the 3E Elite.

In Splinter Cell: BlacklistEdit

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The VR Akula worn by Sam Fisher

The VR SV1 Akula (known as the "Raven Suit") differs from its original counterpart in many ways. In fact, the original color scheme is non-existent, being black all over and Gray in some spots. The Raven Suit is also non-customizable like the other suits, and it is surprisingly even inferior to the 4E Eclipse Ops Suit as well. But most of its original detail from Conviction is retained.

The Akula's strongest suit in the game is its Armor and it's second strongest is its weapons handling. One thing that is quite notable most of all is the fact that it has ZERO Stealth, its least strongest, so for Panther/Assault Players and Pure Assault Players especially, this would be a good suit to wear as a full matching set. Ghost Players will not benefit much from what the VR SV1 Akula provides aside from its strong protection and weapons handling.

To unlock this suit, you must buy it from uPlay for 40 points. You must also have a uPlay account in order to unlock other items in the game as well.


  • The VR SV1 Akula is Agent Kestrel's default suit, and cannot be used by Agent Archer, who instead wears the 3E Eclipse.
  • "Akula" (Russian: Акула) translates to "Shark".
  • In Tom Clancy's HAWX 2, Agent Wolfhound, another Voron operative, also uses the SV1 Akula.
  • Kestrel's suit has about 8 distinct parts. Face mask, gloves, chest-rig, shin/knee guard(one set), elbow/arm guards.

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