"The VIKHR packs extra power and accuracy into a compact sub-machine gun"
― Description[src]

The VIKHR is an assault rifle featured in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction and available for use by the player.

Co-Op CampaignEdit

The Vikhr is seen during the Co-Op campaign in the hands of Andriy Kobin as he sneaks aboard the cargo plane with the EMP weapon. It has also recently been unlocked as part of Ubisoft releasing a new weapon or content every Thursday.

VIKHR Weapon Stash


The following upgrades are available for the VIKHR:

2X ScopeEdit

The 2X Scope doubles the weapon's zooming capability, and increases range.

Cost: 300 P.E.C. Points

Gun StockEdit

The Gun Stock attachment offers a slight increase to weapon accuracy.

Cost: 500 P.E.C. Points

Match Grade AmmoEdit

Match Grade Ammo is optimized to slightly increase the range of bullets.

Cost: 250 P.E.C. Points


  • The VIKHR is heavily based on real life TsNIITochMash SR-3 Vikhr, while it falls in SMG category, its closer to compact assault rifle or PDW that uses 9x39mm sub-sonic ammunition.
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