V-22 Osprey
V-22 Osprey
Other Name Osprey
Manufacturer Bell Helicopter
Boeing Rotorcraft Systems
Operations Covert Ops
Field Ops
Type V/STOL Transport
Used By Third Echelon
Appearances PT - CT - DA

The V-22 Osprey, also referred as the Osprey, is a U.S. military V/STOL (Vertical and/or Short Take off and landing) aircraft used by Third Echelon in the Splinter Cell series. It was used as a way for quick transportation from one area to another without the use of a traditional airplane. The Osprey also housed Sam Fisher's gear and computers for field runners to use for a three-way communication between Third Echelon, the field runner and Fisher.

The V-22 Osprey appeared in three Splinter Cell games and not used in Chaos Theory, in which the airlifting role is replaced by UH-60 Black Hawk and AH-6 Little Bird. The Osprey's role is transferred to the Paladin, a multi-purpose military aircraft that acted as a mobile headquarters for Fourth Echelon.


The Osprey was manufactured by both Bell Helicopter and Boeing Rotorcraft Systems. It's first flight was in 1989 and took sixteen years for it to actually go into service by the military. Unlike other helicopters which use the traditional large rotor and a rear small rotor for stabilization, the Osprey uses two large rotors than can be used for vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) and short takeoff and landing (STOL). Third Echelon used it to covertly transport Splinter Cells into combat zones.

Schematics Edit

In contrast with Fourth Echelon's Paladin, the Osprey was a lightweight aerial transportation vehicle that carried a cell of agents which included technicians and analysts. It is equipped with a storage cache for all the equipment they give to their agents, like ammunition and grenades. It also includes some electronic devices that connect through satellite with Third Echelon. As shown in Splinter Cell, Grimsdottir was a passenger in the Osprey and provided support for Sam Fisher. The Osprey also has a few aggressive measures like missiles, seen only once at Paris-Nice where it shot down a helicopter that fired on Sam. During missions, the Osprey uses two modes, flight or hover which helps agents get into and out of the fray as they jump or rappel and in the meantime stay quiet upon infiltration.


2004: Crisis with Georgia Edit

During the Crisis with Georgia in 2004, Vernon Wilkes, Jr. was the only known operative to have died aboard an Osprey.

2006: Crisis with Indonesia Edit

During the Crisis with Indonesia in 2006, the Osprey was used for infiltration and extraction during a mission on a train traveling to Nice into finding out who Norman Soth was. It was also used during Fisher's infiltration and subsequent escape from the Darah Dan Doa's camp in Kundang. The Osprey, in this game, took fire from the enemy a few times, but it had never shot down. In the final portion of the game, the Osprey is one of the options to remove the armed ND133, however, the time remaining is not enough for it to take it out of L.A. city limits. It was decompressed by the LAPD bomb squad instead.

2007: Cyber Attacks/Crisis in East Asia Edit

During the Cyber Attacks and Crisis in East Asia in 2007, Fisher began employing a MH-60 Knighthawk to insert him in combat zones, making very infrequent use of the Osprey, after the destruction of the USS Clarence E. Walsh, it's possible that Sam insert using the V-22 again.

2007: JBA Crisis Edit

In Version 1 of Double Agent, prior to the JBA Crisis, the Osprey was used to insert Splinter Cells Sam Fisher and rookie John Hodge into Iceland during an operation to investigate activity at a geothermal plant in Iceland. In both versions of Double Agent, the Osprey was used for emergency extraction from Iceland. Irving Lambert was aboard to inform Fisher of the sudden death of his beloved daughter Sarah, who threw his Multi-Vision Goggles in despair. The Osprey is no longer seen after the first mission.


  • The Osprey is last seen in Splinter Cell: Double Agent, since then it makes no appearance in later games. Its role has been replaced somewhat by Boeing AH-6J Little Bird and Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk.
    • Also, the JBA's transport helicopter seems to be Mil Mi-8 "Hip".
  • The Osprey used force only once - in railway mission in Pandora Tomorrow, it shot down the helicopter that tries to extract Norman Soth after his cover is blown.

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