Hey guys!

As you know, we've been trying to revise this wiki and clean it up as best as we can. I have an idea on how we can write missions, however I would love the input from the community first, of course, before we decide anything. This is regarding our mission article structure. In our article pages at the moment, and how they (somewhat) were before, we simply give a summary of the mission through a couple of paragraphs. This seems almost vague to me, and I don't think it feels that detailed - especially for certain missions like the Chinese Embassy. It can also lead to some repetition explaining things, as I've noticed it more as I give summaries.

I was curious if anybody wants to do something else. Before, I had the idea of developing transcripts for the entire level, similar to how the Halo wiki does their level structuring articles. (The only drawback is the extensive amount of work this may take.) I've looked at a few other wikias as well to develop a way of describing the levels, and I looked at the Deus Ex wiki's mission structuring. They basically give a walkthrough of the specific mission, and I actually like this idea. This is also how a few other wikis do things as well, like RPG wikis for example give a walkthrough for missions and sidequests.

I'd love for this wiki to give the most amount of information regarding the Splinter Cell series as we can, and I'm personally leaning towards the walkthrough idea while mixing in the story elements so the reader can follow along as well, perhaps. We also have the video walkthroughs at the end of the articles as well, but a text walkthrough may work great; this way we can also track secrets, sidepaths and easter eggs as well.

Let me kno what you think; sound off in the comments section and we'll try to work this out. If you would like to keep it the same, or change it to follow something else - or perhaps we can do something else entirely - let me know.

Best regards,

Jamin .·.