About me[edit | edit source]

OH HAI !! I like Splinter Cell. I accept ALL timelines and stories as canon in whichever place they reside. I am not a Conviction hater. In fact I really enjoyed the stunning beauty and detail of the game maps and environs when compared to previous games. I like to think that Kobin made it out of 3E because he needs to be clubbin.

random junk in life I have learned from people[edit | edit source]

  • Everything is terrible...always.
  • Maintain situational awareness...always.
  • Occasionally dwell upon death and dismemberment. This way you are prepared for either, in the event it happens to you.
  • If it takes full throttle to taxi off the runway. Then your landing gear is not down.
  • Mistakes were made.
  • Good judgment comes from experience. Experience usually comes from bad judgment

LULZ[edit | edit source]

I recently acquired an iPad, I am to lazy to install/purchase the special characters (i.e. get some umlauts) so cannot log in here - so some edits you may see, will have just the four tilde marks and my name spelled out. But I do make every effort to add my signature.

Update - there are now umlauts and tildes on my ipad. So now I can type ñ ü .

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