The United States Navy SEa, Air, Land (SEAL) Teams are the U.S. Navy's principal special operations force and are part of the Naval Special Warfare Command and United States Special Operations Command. The SEALs carry out covert operations where high-profile-type forces can't, also conducting vital recon missions for larger forces.[1]

History Edit

1990s Edit

Of all the members who served in the Navy's elite Spec Ops, the most known SEAL operator was Sam Fisher who served numerous years as both a former member of SEAL Teams 3 and 6 (aka DEVGRU). During the first Gulf War, Fisher was captured after his SEAL team was ambushed by Saddam Hussein's elite Republican Guard on a botched operation in southern Iraq, where he was later rescued by Victor Coste, another SEAL operator who was also a member of that team.

In the summer of 1992, Fisher was also part of an elite team of SEALs that was deployed to Colombia to recover Douglas Shetland, at the time the team's liaison who was embedded in the Colombian Army and captured by FARC rebels after they were ambushed. Fisher went alone and rescued Shetland.

2011: 6 Months prior to Blacklist Zero Edit

U.S. National Security Advisor Anna Grímsdóttir had a SEAL team airlifted to help former Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher as he investigates the terrorist group KROWE and a team from DEVGRU to rescue Lt. Col. William Bradshaw.

2011: Blacklist Attacks, 6 months later Edit

During the Blacklist Attacks, three SEAL teams were deployed against training camps in Iraq, but since The Engineers had baited the attack, they were all wiped out. Later, a SEAL team tried to stop the American Fuel attack at Sabine Pass but were too late. They were briefly assisted by Sam Fisher, now the commander of Fourth Echelon. After their failed attempt to stop American Fuel attack, the President decided to negotiate with the Engineers. She ordered Grim to terminate all actions from Fourth Echelon, and even sent a Delta Force team to occupy the C-147 Paladin, 4E's mobile command center. However, while the remnant of the Engineers try to hijack the Paladin, a SEAL team assisted Fourth Echelon to stop them, effectively ending the Blacklist crisis.


References Edit

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