Were you looking for the CIA Training Farm building, the setting this level takes place?

"Sam Fisher. I can't believe you beat me here."
Irving Lambert upon seeing Fisher.

Training is the first solo campaign level of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell and the first level of the Splinter Cell series. Third Echelon, a brand new initiative of the National Security Agency, recruits agent Sam Fisher to lead the operational arm of Third Echelon as a Splinter Cell. But first, Fisher must prove himself by completing a basic assault course and completing covert ops training at the CIA Training Farm. To the player, this level serves as a training tutorial to help them learn the basic and advanced techniques within the game.


Prove that you are the right man for the job.

As agent Sam Fisher, you have been recruited to spearhead the operational arm of the National Security Agency's Third Echelon initiative. Before being sent into the field, you must show you possess the skills to preform dangerous and covert solo missions.

Mission InformationEdit

Goals Edit

  • Open the door to the next training area.
  • Pick the lock to the door.
  • Interrogate your opponent for the keypad code.
  • Force your opponent to use the retinal scanner.
  • Shoot the lights to sneak past the camera to the exit.
  • Shoot the camera to disable it.
  • Pass by the camera without shooting anything.
  • Knock out and hide your opponent's body from the guard.
  • Remain undetected until the guard completes his patrol.
  • Make your way to the exit without making noise.

Notes Edit

  • The code to the observation platform is 5656. (Xbox/PC only)
  • The code to the keypad door is 28469.

Data Edit

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Mission OverviewEdit



Lambert meets Fisher in the conference room and briefs him before beginning the training exercise.

Following a walk down a hallway, Third Echelon Operations Coordinator Irving Lambert inputs a code into a keypad locked door, causing the door to unlock and open for him. Upon entering the room, Lambert is surprised to find Sam Fisher in already waiting inside wearing his field equipment. Lambert asks Fisher how NSA orientation was going, to which Fisher replies that it's been going 'well enough', pointing out that they've been secretive about what Fisher is allowed to know. Lambert explains that it's the nature of the agency, clarifying that they don't let any one person know everything to promote cooperation and teamwork. Moving on to the task at hand, Lambert apologizes to Fisher about making him run the basic assault course and covert ops training. Since Third Echelon is a brand new initiative, all eyes were currently on Fisher's performance and how well he would do in the training exercises.

For the first training assignment, Fisher was tasked with running the basic assault course: a series of obstacles set up in a rather large warehouse facility designed to test physical maneuverability. After a brief optic calibration, Fisher begins the assault course by demonstrating basic physical actions: climbing ladders/pipes, using a zip line, crouching to move beneath tight quarters, performing the split jump, back-to-wall and utilizing the wall jump to reach elevated ledges. Fisher completed the assault course and made it into the next area: covert ops training, where Irving Lambert met him as he observed through a monitoring room. He notified Fisher that there are 'live bodies in there', explaining that some CIA instructors 'kindly volunteered' to be his 'victim'. Fisher's first challenge was getting past a locked door by picking the locks using his lock picks. The next challenge involved getting information from personnel in the immediate area by using interrogation. Fisher proceeded to grab the guard and get the code for the keypad lock, enabling him to move on to the next challenge.


Sam talks with Third Echelon Analyst Anna Grímsdóttir in the observation platform.

Lambert explained through Fisher's earpiece that the door ahead was protected by a retinal scanner. This meant that Fisher had to grab the CIA volunteer and force his eyes on the retinal scanner to unlock the door. Fisher was able to grab the guard and scan his eyes, unlocking the door and allowing him to continue on. The next area involved producing shadows needed to sneak past an armored security camera. Fisher used his SC Pistol to shoot out the unprotected lights and create shadows for him to sneak through. In the following section, Fisher needed to shoot at and disable the security camera watching the room; after completing this, Fisher went through to the next area.

Fisher Wilkes, Jr. and Lambert

Sam Fisher finishes his training and meets with Lambert and Wilkes.

Fisher was tasked with timing his movements and making it past the security camera by sticking to existing shadows. After waiting for the opportune moment, Fisher was able to slip by and continue on to the next area. The following challenge Lambert told Fisher that he needed to knock out the stationary guard and hide his body before the patrolling guard finds it. Fisher acknowledged and complied, he knocked out the guard and carried him into the shadows as another CIA volunteer made a sweep, finding nothing.

The next section took place in a room dedicated to picking up sound; Fisher had to sneak through the room making as little noise as possible, Lambert states that he will be monitoring with a few hidden mics. After Fisher completed the challenge, Lambert chimed in over Fisher's earpiece asking if he's even started - to his surprise, Fisher has completed it. Lambert was completely surprised by the results and met Sam at the end of the course, introducing Fisher to Vernon Wilkes, Jr. After the brief talk, Lambert and Wilkes welcomed Fisher into the NSA, specifically Third Echelon - the brand new initiative.

Transcript Edit

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Congratulations, Fisher, you have demonstrated that you are the right man to spearhead the NSA's Third Echelon initiative. The onus will be on you to prove the worth of deploying solo covert operatives by gathering intelligence in the field and taking deliberate action based on that intelligence... Welcome to the NSA.


Version 1 (Xbox/PC/PS3)Edit

  • On the first meeting in the conversations room the door code is 7393. It's used by Lambert to meets Sam.
  • On the upper ledge to the right as soon as the player starts the level, there is a ledge that Fisher can climb up on. Doing so reveals a room, inside the room is a lockpick kit available to grab. Picking this up will allow the player to unlock a small room at the end of the basic assault course revealing a data stick inside.
    • Inside the data stick contains a message from Anna Grímsdóttir to Irving Lambert, this is where the player gets the code to unlock the upper observation platform room.
      • Also in the data stick, Grímsdóttir references "Audie Murphy" - one of the most decorated American combat officers during World War II.
      • Ironically, Grímsdóttir states that Lambert told her that there is "no such thing as a secret when Sam Fisher is looking for something" in the data stick though she told Lambert that she would believe it when she saw it.
    • So Sam can reach the upper observation room behind their starting position and talk to Anna Grímsdóttir. During the start of the training from the rear, there are two rooms, one of them has a Lock Pick, and the other room has the combination lock where is behind Anna Grimsdottir. Sam can talk to her if he pass training, opened the locked room at the end, find out the code from the laptop and come back. If Sam knocks her out, the mission will be failed.
    • Sam meets Grímsdóttir for the first time while at the CIA Training Farm, August 7, 2004.
  • There are four lamps in a room with a camera.
  • Sam can ignore destroy the camera.
  • After the section where the player has to knock out a CIA Instructor and hide his body, another guard will come and evaluate the area for evidence of the body. After he checks the area, and heads back into the room across the hall, the lights in the room will turns off. The player can enter the room and run around the guard, or knock him, out without getting a Mission Failure. Sam can also grab the guard, bring him to the hiding place, and then knock him out.
  • In the last covert training exercise section, Lambert states that he'll be "observing through a few hidden mics." Funny enough, the mics are not-so-hidden and plainly visible as they hang from the ceiling rather low.
  • Sam is introduced to Vernon Wilkes, Jr., for the first time at the CIA Training Farm, August 7, 2004.

Version 2 (PS2/GameCube)Edit

  • Version 2 has a different timeline from Version 1, Sam's audition begins October 7, rather than in August. Most of the level dates remain the same (although the missions and story have been altered).
  • Sam Fisher is apparently already a member of Third Echelon, and has his gear, and implants.
  • No meeting in the conversations room between Lambert and Sam.
  • No rooms behind Sam starting position and locked room at the end.
  • There are two lamps in a room with a camera.
  • Sam can ignore destroy the camera.
  • The last covert training exercise section is ventilated by air and microphones are hidden.
  • Vernon Wilkes, Jr. finds Sam to take him to speak to Irving Lambert about the missing CIA agents (he is forced to find them). He is recalled by Third Echelon to help.
  • Sam has already met Vernon Wilkes, Jr. in Version 2 in the Pacific before the Third Echelon audition (In version 1 he met Sam for the first time at Camp Peary).


  • Lambert's lecture on stealth is re-used in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.
    • The difference is that on training he says the last part: "If the meter's at four, you're lit up like a Dutch brothel." whereas in Dili, Timor he says: "If the meter's at three, you're lit up like Time Square."
  • During the basic assault course training section, you can hear people doing, what sounds like, training exercises and workouts; these are likely CIA recruits in training.
    • Additionally, when the player is running the basic assault course, single boot impressions (made by one person) can be seen in the dirt showing the correct path to the next obstacle.
  • This is one of two missions that take place at a CIA-related government location in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, the other being the CIA HQ mission.
  • VHS tapes can be found laying across different areas around the facility, they can be seen marked with the words "confidential", interestingly, these tapes can be found in other levels as well. This is just merely a reused model prop for the environment.
  • During the training exercises, the player can re-display tutorial messages by activating the electronic boxes usually located near the respective obstacle challenge.
  • Despite being one of the actions the player can do, the rappel action is never introduced in this level, but is actually introduced in the third level.
  • When picking up the lock pick in the secret area at the start of the basic assault course, you can notice that the item Fisher picks up is actually a Disposable Pick.
    • The lock pick can be used at the end of the assault training course on a locked door to the right of the opening garage door. Inside, there is a laptop that contains a data stick, which gives the code for the observation room: 5656.
  • The CIA instructors can be shot (non-fatally) with no repercussions. However, killing them will result in mission failure.
  • An early image showed Sam climbing a rope net on the basic assault course, however only a fence is seen in the final version.
  • Information gathered from In-game files gives insight to a few features that were cut from the final release.
    • A GPS was going to be tested on Sam by Grim before the basic training, so that the player could learn the basic movement controls. She would also go over the PDA functions.
    • Sticky cam and shockers were planned to be used in the training.



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