Chemical Bunker is the fifth cooperative campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Agent One and Agent Two must disarm a series of bombs.

Mission Information Edit

Goals Edit

Primary Opjectives Edit

  • Figure out what Colonel Kim's real agenda is
  • Deactivate the bombs under the train station
  • Bug the telephone in the train station hall before Chu reaches it
  • Get the antidote from the locker - Chu is going to recover a sample of the antidote from a locker. Discover which locker and neutralize Chu before he uses the antidote himself.
  • Eliminate the contaminated soldier in the bathroom - Use the antidote to enter the washroom without becoming infected then eliminate the infected soldier.
  • Stop Kim's men from leaving with the rest of the toxin - Get to the subway platform and stop the rest of Kim's men from escaping before it's too late.

Opportunity Objectives Edit

  • Recover schematics for the bombs
  • Follow Chu to the locker
  • Secure the chemical toxin in possession of the infected soldiers

Notes Edit

  • To disable a bomb, both agents must simultaneously cut the active wire
  • Enemies are wearing body armor
  • Enemies are wearing helmets

Data Edit

Main article: Data/Train Station


LAMBERT - Colonel Kim, the former commanding officer of the missile bunker, had a disagreement with the NKA over their decision to end the war and withdraw from Seoul. He took a number of warheads containing biological weapons with him and disappeared. Six hours ago, he resurfaced with a small army of NKA defectors in New York, where he took control of Grand Central Station. We don't know why, or what his agenda is, but our profile on him says he's not stupid. Something bigger is going on here. Prevent Kim or any of his men from unleashing their biological nightmare-in-a-can and find out what Kim is really up to.

Colonel Kim and his men have taken control of the Train Station. It is likely that Kim has biological weapons taken from the bunker and may be planning to use them. Infiltrate the station, eliminate Colonel Kim, and recover the bio-weapons.


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