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"Americans; always turning to their jokes when their hearts are filled with fear. You should be afraid, I may be defeated, but I am a man and ideas are stronger than man."
― Toshiro Otomo to Sam Fisher before stabbing himself.[src]

Toshiro Otomo was the head of Japan's Information Self-Defense Force (I-SDF) during the Cyber Attacks and East Asian Crisis, 2007.


2007: Cyber Attacks and East Asian Crisis

Whilst Otomo appeared to be trying to assist the National Security Agency and Third Echelon in resolving the East Asian crisis and stopping the war that had broken out between North Korea, South Korea and the United States, he was in fact one of its primary architects. Otomo and the I-SDF had been working with Douglas Shetland, and using information warfare algorithms belonging to Displace International, the I-SDF had launched an attack on the U.S. Navy highly advanced warship USS Clarence E. Walsh from a North Korean missile battery.

Sam Fisher talks to Otomo between a glass wall.

When the NSA realized that the I-SDF was working with Shetland, Otomo, a fierce nationalist, sealed the I-SDF's base of operations and demanded that the Japanese government suspend Japan's Constitution and return power to the Emperor and the armed forces. When the Japanese government refused these demands, Otomo attempted to fire a North Korean Nuclear missile upon a Japanese city, knowing that the people of Japan would demand retaliation in the event of such an attack. The launch was stopped by Sam Fisher, who destroyed the I-SDF's servers and thus their capability to launch Information Warfare attacks. After attempting to commit suicide by stabbing himself with a blade, Otomo was rescued by Sam and brought before a U.N. War Crimes Tribunal, where his honor dictated that he admit his actions and plead guilty.


Admiral Otomo is the commander of the I-SDF, the newly formed information warfare arm of Japan’s Self-Defense Force. Otomo is stoic, determined, and absolutely loyal. He is the Japanese equivalent of Third Echelon’s Irving Lambert, and the two men share intelligence openly.

Mission Appearances

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory


  • In Hokkaido where Sam assist's Admiral Otomo in recovering his microphones, he comments to Grim that he isn't the sort of happy person which she replies in a remark about the Samurai Zanshin. which is a state of awareness.
  • Otomo attempts to kill himself in a manner reminiscent of seppuku, ritual suicide performed by honourable samurais. As Sam removes the blade from the admiral's stomach, he very reverently sets it near his hand.
    • A glitch in the PS3 version of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory causes Otomo's upper face to disappear after he stabs himself.



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