Tomoe Nage

The Tomoe Nage, as performed by Agent One and Agent Two.

Tomoe Nage (Japanese: 巴投) is a traditional throw in Judo that was developed by Jigaro Kano. It was a move that two-man Third Echelon Splinter Cell teams used during the course of their operations to achieve uncanny solutions to problems that would otherwise impede their progress.

Overview Edit

Tomoe Nage is actually a Judo move performed by the attacker on the opponent to actually flip the opponent, with the finishing position being that bother opponents would be head to head on their backs. To perform the Tomoe Nage, the attacker grips the opponent high and falls backwards, as if about to perform a backwards roll. Knocking the opponent off balanced, the attacker plants their foot on the opponent waist-level and applies strong pressure, rolling on their back with the opponent above them on their foot. This causes the opponent to filp over the attacker, with the two practitioners on their back, head to head.

The Tomoe Nage is, however, used by Splinter Cell operatives to benefit an objective, performing a 'dual action' for a number of reasons, whether it be to avoid security lasers or to cross a chasm. The move can also be used to knock out guards if they are unfortunate enough to be on the receving end.

Trivia Edit

  • The Tomoe Nage appears in only two Splinter Cell games, and only appears during the cooperative mode.
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