Pandora Tomorrow
Ptc cover1
Full Title Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
Story and Art Penny Arcade
Colors James Rochelle
Publisher(s) Penny Arcade/Ubisoft
Timeline 2006
Next Splinter Cell: Digging in the Ashes

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow was an online comic created for Ubisoft by Penny Arcade. The comic showed the exploits of Shadownet Spies infiltrating a building guarded by ARGUS Mercenaries, similar to the popular multiplayer mode Spies vs Mercs. This was the first released Splinter Cell comic, the second was Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Digging in the Ashes.


Derick, an ARGUS mercenary, explains the 'ARGUS corporate policy' to his partner Harlan. The policy being that a currency bonus goes to any mercenary that shoots and kills any intruders infiltrating the ARGUS complex they are tasked with protecting. Harlan replies to Derick that he should stay on his good side, then, if that's the policy. During this conversation, two Shadownet Spies HALO jump down to the ARGUS complex below. The Spies, after their landing, scale nearby warehouse buildings and zip line closer to the facility the Mercenaries are located.

Derick and Harlan begin talking, with Derick commenting that his last reply was 'funny.' Harlan assures him that he's serious, stating that he could get a new 'Humvee' as they place proximity mines and secure the building. They debate on ordering some pizza, but suddenly hear a tapping sound overhead of them. Harlan, thinking it's intruders, states that perhaps they may not have to order the pizza after all. The two Mercenaries begin searching the area and suddenly spot a device producing the 'tapping' sound. Unsure of what the device is, they take a closer look at the small round gadget. Derick grabs the device, wondering what it could be as one of the Spies sits above them.

Harlan begins firing his weapon into the darkness, exclaiming that an intruder is here. He fires at the Spy in the doorway and points out that his entire suit was glowing in EMF vision. The Spy quickly dashes towards Harlan as he quickly smacks him in the face, the Spy responds by smashing Harlan's helmet with his elbow. Derick fire his gun at the Spy and manages to hit him, causing him to fall on the floor. The first Spy contacts the second Spy, telling him that these Mercenaries 'aren't part-time.' He notes that they are probably ex-special forces, possibly S.W.A.T. He tells the second Spy to go dark, and that it's all up to him - they can't allow the ND133 to go off and kill all those people in the vicinity. The second Spy assures him that 'it'll get done', stating that he's first got to do something.

Meanwhile, Harlan tells Derick that the Spy got him good, and removes his helmet - revealing a cut on his face. His helmet's glass visor was smashed, so he tells Harlan that he'll need to get another one from 'the pit.' Harlan orders Derick to stick proximity mines on every surface, stating that ARGUS want's something protected badly and that the objectives should show up on the helmet's heads-up display (HUD). Derick makes his way in the upper levels and begins searching the area as Harlan heads to ARGUS security room B to contact ARGUS. Harlan becomes frustrated as when he attempts to contact ARGUS he is rerouted to a computer automated message.

Harlan heads upstairs to check on Derick, but discovers him grabbed by the second Spy. Harlan threatens the Spy and states that he'll shoot the Spy through Derrick, but the second Spy replies by stating that he's glad Harlan is here - explaining that he'd hate for him to 'miss it.' The Spy snaps Derrick's neck, and explains that this isn't about the mission - this was personal. Harlan freaks out and begins to fire his weapon at the second Spy, but the Shadownet operative tosses a Chaff grenade and stuns Harlan. The second Spy attempts to get through the facility, but is shot from behind by Harlan. Surprisingly, the Spy 1 emerged from the doorway from behind and shot a sticky shocker round into Harlan's back. The first Spy begins disabling the ND133 and states to Harlan that all he is doing is disabling the device, taking his friend, and leaving. He ended up shooting Harlan after Harlan stated that he should get that gun shot wound 'checked out.' Spy 1 slumped the second Spy's unconscience body on his back and escaped on the rooftop just as the sun emerged from the horizon.



  • Even though the comic shares the same title as the game, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, they focus on different characters. The two take place in 2006, however, taking place during the Indonesian Crisis.
  • Each of the characters talk bubbles appears in a different color, Harlan is blue, Derick is orange, Spy 1 (in order of first appearance) is light green, Spy 2 is dark green. The ARGUS answering machine message is in red.
  • This is the only Splinter Cell story in which Sam Fisher neither appears nor is he mentioned.
  • The goggles of the Shadownet spies seem to physically glow (like in the games), however they remain invisible to the ARGUS mercernaries who are only able to see them in the dark by switching tracking and EMF modes (the "light" is not visible to them).
  • Ubisoft again commissioned Penny Arcade to make the Spy Training Manual for the Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Limited Edition. They have also done assorted Splinter Cell parody strips within the "Penny Arcade" comic series.
  • During the part where Harlan is in Security Room B talking on the phone, a security monitor reveals Spy 2 sneaking up behind Derick.

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