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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is the second game in the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series and a sequel to the original Splinter Cell. Developed and published by Ubisoft as well as endorsed by American author Tom Clancy.


Ubisoft Shanghai took helm of the critically acclaimed Splinter Cell franchise. The game's main focus was improving lighting effects. Shanghai also made a small gameplay change where a player could choose from multiple paths to take instead of a single path every playthrough. They also took it upon themselves to create multiplayer for the game. Michael Ironside returned to voice Sam Fisher while Dennis Haysbert voiced Irving Lambert. The game's development name was "Shadow Strike". Pandora Tomorrow is included as part of the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Trilogy for the PlayStation 3.


"Europe Cover Art"

The main flashpoint in Pandora Tomorrow is Indonesia, in the year 2006, where the U.S. has a military presence in the newly independent East Timor to train that country's military forces in their fight against Indonesian guerrilla militias. The Darah Dan Doa (Blood and Prayer), led by Suhadi Sadono has proven itself to be the strongest opponent to this provisional government.

Sadono is considered by many to be a charismatic militia leader. He was trained by the CIA to combat Communist influences in the region, but turned resentful against America when their support swayed towards East Timor. He, like many others, perceived the Superpower to be interfering with the country's sovereignty. Sadono has his men bomb and then raid the US Embassy to Dili, capturing a number of US military and diplomatic personnel. One significant hostage is Douglas Shetland, an old friend and former comrade-in-arms of Sam Fisher.


A group of renegade mercenaries, led by Suhadi Sadono, storm and capture the US Embassy in East Timor, taking the civilians hostage. One of the people inside the facility when they attacked is Douglas Shetland, a former U.S. marine and it is soon revealed they were looking for the device he was carrying, which contains classified intelligence. Fisher is sent into the facility, not to rescue the hostages, but to destroy all traces of the information that Shetland has with him, or to recover it, whatever the cost, before Sadono's thugs break him.

US Embassy, East Timor[]

Fisher rescues Shetland and prepares to receive the valuable intel

The game begins as Fisher infiltrates the embassy to purge classified intelligence and gather what information he can on the Darah Dan Doa. As Fisher infiltrates the embassy, he rescues Douglas Shetland of Displace International who gives him an encrypted email regarding mortified_penguin. However, the email is in a rare Indonesian dialect. Sam then continues through the embassy where he finds Ingrid Karlthson, an embassy translator who interprets the message. The information reveals a connection between 'mortified_penguin' and the Saulnier Cryogenics Lab in Paris, France. Fisher extracts via Osprey from the embassy as U.S. Army Delta Force storm and retake the embassy. Sadono however escapes, and the U.S. declares war on Indonesia in an effort to capture the terrorist leader, much to the displeasure of the local government.

Cryogenics Lab, Paris, France[]

Fisher infiltrates the Saulnier Cryogenics Lab in Paris The lab itself is all but taken over by French and Syrian mercenaries who were hired by mortified_penguin, most likely affiliated with Sadono. After narrowly defusing a bomb at one point Fisher finds out that the mercenaries were there to procure the ND133 containers; self-contained cryogenic containers used for transporting and storing human brains at cryogenic temperatures. Fisher then continues through the lab and finds François Coldeboeuf, a wounded security guard who managed to take a picture of mortified_penguin on his cell phone. After showing it to Fisher it is revealed that mortified_penguin is actually Norman Soth a former CIA agent. The guard's true fate is never exposed.

Hesperia Railways, Paris to Nice, France[]

Fisher recons the train in search of Soth

Fisher boards a highspeed train going to Nice, France with Soth on board. His mission is to confirm Norman Soth's intentions without being detected. He sneaks through the train and finds Norman Soth asleep in a passenger booth, identifying him by his prosthetic leg, and confronts him about his involvement with Sadono. Soth explains that he is operating deep under cover on behalf of the CIA. The meeting is interrupted when a mercenary tells Soth through the door that he has a phone call from him. Sam hides as Soth departs and Lambert then confirms Sam's suspicion that Soth was lying. Fisher tails Soth to the front of the train and records his phone conversation. This crucial recording reveals that Soth is heading to Jerusalem to procure something for Sadono's 'Insurance Policy'. As Fisher extracts, his cover is blown and he narrowly escapes from the roof of the train onto the Osprey while Sam is being shot at by Soth's men in a helicopter and the osprey takes the helicopter down while Sam jumping the rope and hanging off.

Jerusalem, Israel[]

Fisher meets with deep-cover agent Dahlia Tal

Before Sam infiltrates into the heart of Jerusalem to discover what the ND133 are for, he reads over about Norman Soth after the incident aboard the train in France. Both Sam and Coen leave for Jerusalem and infiltrate on foot. Coen informs Sam about a curfew being in effect around the city, due to heightened tensions in the region. She explains that he should find the streets deserted except for guards and possibly a handful of civilians. Third Echelon arranged for Sam's SC-20K to be modified within the city and Sam is required to retrieve it before continuing on his mission. Arriving at the weaponsmith's location, Sam interrupts two thieves robbing the shop, which he kills before acquiring his weapon. Sam then makes his way through the ancient city to meet his contact - Dahlia Tal, a Shin Bet undercover agent. Dahlia reveals to Sam that Soth came to purchase a bio-weapon from some Syrian mercenaries. The ND133 was necessary to transport it, and that one ND133 was left at the Syrian hideout. She then leads Sam to the hideout where the ND133 is being held. As she gets into the elevator of the Syrian hideout to go down before Sam, Lambert orders Sam to kill her, as Shin Bet was planning to betray him and take the ND133 for themselves anyway. Sam then makes his way into the underground hideout and finds a sample of the bio-weapon. He is then extracted from Jerusalem.


Fisher trails the terrorist leader Suhadi Sadono through his camp

Third Echelon learns that bio-weapon that Fisher recovered in Jerusalem is a genetically modified version of the smallpox virus. Sadono had each ND133 armed with the virus and placed throughout the U.S.. Each day he delays the release of the virus by making an encrypted phone call. Should Sadono fail to make his call, the virus is released within 24 hours. This gives him an insurance policy against being killed or captured by U.S. forces in the region and allows him to openly fight on the front lines of the conflict to inspire his troops and supporters. The U.S. forces learn of Sadono's location in a militia camp in the Indonesia forest. While on location, Sam meets up with Douglas Shetland on the outskirts of the camp. Shetland is there with members of his private military organisation, Displace International, at the behest of the U.S. Military. Lambert orders Sam to tap into Sadono's phone. Sam encounters trip wire mines which he defuses before placing a bomb on Sadono's plane after Shetland designated it as a target of opportunity. He then stalks Sadono through a Darah Dan Doa base, intercepting a daily access code as Sadono passes it to one of his lieutenants. By the time Sam reaches Sadono's office, he discovers that "Pandora Tomorrow" is the code word for his contingency plan that delays the release of the smallpox viruses on American soil. As Sam extracts from the back of Sadono's house, he is ambushed and held at gunpoint by guerillas. Fortunately, he is saved by Shetland's sniper teams who had previously surrounded the area. Sam extracts and the phone call is then traced to a submarine on Komodo.

Submarine Pen, Komodo, Indonesia[]

Fisher taps into the submarine's communication system

Sam inserts outside the vicinity of an old cold war maritime docking station, which contains the submarine to which the calls were tracked. After moving through the barracks and external security he infiltrates the pen via the elevator. After forcing the sub to surface under the false pretense of maintenance so he can gain access, Sam moves through the pen and is engaged by Sadono's men. Having advanced past them he slips into the sub and accesses its mainframe computer, allowing his support team to extract information concerning the locations of the ND133. As Sam exfiltrates from the sub pen out onto open water via zodiac, Shadownet spies are deployed to neutralize the scattered pox boxes in an effort to bring an end to Sadono's huge threat against U.S.

TV & Radio Broadcasting Station, Indonesia[]

Sadono's capture means the end of the conflict

After the threat of the ND133s were removed, Sadono realised that his time as a free man was limited. Third Echelon discovered he planned to go to ground, but uncovered his location at a broadcasting station in Indonesia. After the international backlash from the assassination of former Georgian President Nikoladze, Third Echelon decides to capture Sadono alive instead, rather than making a martyr of him. Fisher manages to infiltrate the station and Lambert reveals that Ingrid Karlthson, who had assisted Sam previously at the embassy, is now a prisoner of Sadono. Fisher is also made aware that she is a CIA agent who will assist him in any way she can. After tracking Sadono to a news studio within the station, Fisher observes the revolutionary recording political propaganda messages that will be released to the public and his supporters to further bolster the movement against the U.S. after his disappearance. Fisher manages to capture Sadono and extract him safely and Third Echelon discovers that Norman Soth is in possession of the final ND-133 armed with smallpox and intends to detonate it in Los Angeles International airport.

LAX Airport, Los Angeles, USA[]

Fisher secures the last ND133

With his attempted attack on LAX, Soth's motives were revealed to be purely personal. After being hung out to dry by the CIA and the US when their allegiances changed in Indonesia, Soth was left to fend for himself. This caused his political affiliations to restructure themselves to suit his needs as he attempted to enact his revenge upon the country that betrayed and abandoned him while he was in its service. Knowing how urgent the matter his, Third Echelon hastily inserts Fisher into the area with Coen in support. He infiltrates into LAX and is informed by Lambert that Soth's mercenaries are disguised as LAX personnel. He is ordered to locate and assassinate the imposters. The team suggests that any of Soth's men will most likely have had a smallpox vaccine, to ensure their mission isn't suicidal, and their body temperature will be a few degrees higher. After locating them with his thermal vision, Sam neutralises the mercenaries. He then moves to intercept and eliminate Soth himself before he can release the smallpox virus at the airport. Fisher makes his way deeper into the airport until he locates Soth and kills him before he was able to release the smallpox virus. Unable to extract the device to a safe distance in time, Fisher poses as a janitor and leaves the bomb unattended near airport security. The LAPD Bomb Squad is swiftly called in to perform a controlled explosion of the device, which is done by an unmanned vehicle using reinforced steel, thus bringing an end to the smallpox crisis.


After Sadono was captured, the US military presence in East Timor began to retract. Sadono's forces were either captured or left the organization. Douglas Shetland's company Displace International was instrumental in securing the East Timor region after the incident. Sam Fisher and the rest of Third Echelon manage to enjoy some down time having brought the threat to national security to an end.

Mission Locations[]



Pandora Tomorrow was the first game in the franchise that included multiplayer. The spies of SHADOWNET and the mercenaries of ARGUS. Multiplayer modes were based part of the single player campaign in which includes obtaining the ND133 and bringing it into a secure location. There was a playable multiplayer demo released for PC and Xbox. Yet because there was such a low number of players, at some point Ubisoft disabled the Ubi.net servers for Pandora Tomorrow[1]

Spies vs. Mercs


The soundtrack was composed by Jack Wall and Lalo Schifrin who were brought in to create the music of Pandora Tomorrow. Jack Wall did all of the in-game music, including cinematics, while Lalo Schifrin created the theme music for Pandora Tomorrow. Currently, the score to the game has not been released to the public.

Differences from the first game[]

The game features many similarities to the original game however there are some differences.

  • Health kits are now static and cannot be taken with the player. Depending on how badly damaged the player is he can use the same health kit multiple times. How much is left is indicated by a meter of red lights on the health kit itself.
  • Alarms will now make enemies become more alert such as equipping flak jackets and helmets. After a while of being sneaky, the alarm level will decrease.
  • The lighting at the default setting is slightly less dark than the original game when played on the same television screen.
  • Sam Fisher can now purposefully attract enemies' attention by whistling.
  • Sam Fisher's double jump off walls is removed.
  • When Sam does the split jump in a narrow hallway or entrance, he can now perform a half split jump.
  • Rather than having to choose your lockpick or optic cable to perform each function, you simply have to approach a door and select to use your optic cable or lockpick.
  • The optic cable no longer only has night vison. Normal, night and thermal can be cycled through.
  • The game adds in binoculars that Sam can use. The player can zoom in or out while using them.
  • The 5-7 pistol now has a laser sight that allows players to have a more accurate shot at the expense of stealth as enemies will be able to see the dot, which can be useful if the player wants to distract an enemy.
  • When clinging to a wall near an open doorway, Sam can do a "swat turn" manoeuvre to move past the open door while remaining hidden from view.
  • Sam will climb up waist-high objects automatically when the player walks up to them using a special animation.
  • Sam Fisher now knocks out people on the shoulder, instead of the head.
  • When Sam knocks out an enemy after grabbing him, their body now falls into a neat heap, rather than being sprawled across the floor.
  • Sam can open doors while carrying a body.
  • The Player can now do an "Upside-Down Shooting" when hanging from a pipe.
  • The graphics have improved, with a particular focus on lighting effects, water and natural environments.


PlayStation 2[]

The PlayStation 2 version of Pandora Tomorrow plays slightly differently from it's PC and Xbox counter-parts. The graphics have been downgraded to run on the PS2 hardware, as well as some of the levels' designs. Like the PS2 version of the original Splinter Cell, levels have been cut into segments due to the limitations of PS2 hardware. A few additions were given to this version such as an exclusive mission segment on the Kundang level, a mini-game to disable mines, a few extra routes to take through the games' levels and a post-mission statistic and scoring review.

PlayStation 3[]

An HD version of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is included in the Splinter Cell Trilogy. The PlayStation 3 version is ported from the PC version. It upscales to 1080p, supports stereoscopic 3D and features a new HUD. It also incorporates quicksaves. This version sometimes suffers from crashing when quick-loading as well as performance stuttering. The PS3 version does not include the PS2 exclusive Kundang level segment.

Mobile phone[]

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  • During the development of Pandora Tomorrow it was known as Splinter Cell: Shadow Strike.[2]
  • A few things were changed before the final release of the game. See here for more details.
  • A real life near-parallel with Delta's securing of the US Embassy happened in 1980 when Delta Operatives tried to rescue US hostages in the US Embassy in Iran. They failed in their attempt.
  • The name "Pandora Tomorrow" is an allusion to the Greek myth of Pandora's Box: the story of a mortal woman who opened a box containing all the evils of humanity and released them into the world. In this case, Pandora's Box represents the containers holding the viral samples. In the game, the main antagonist uses this phrase to delay the ND133 bomb detonation for 24 hours.
  • This was the first and only game in the series to offer the SWAT Turn, a manoeuvre which enables the player to move across an open doorway or from one cover to another quickly and stealthily. Splinter Cell: Conviction's cover system offers a similar feature but not the SWAT Turn specifically (rather he slides, rolls or sprints between cover).
  • This is the only game to include the Half-split jump (a variation on the split jump), allowing Sam to jump to another level from within a tight passage. Within half-split Sam holds one leg under his body against a wall, while the other is extended against the other wall. When jumping, he pushes off with his folded leg to gain more height and grab onto a higher ledge.
  • Missions in the PlayStation 2/GameCube version are structured in a different/shorter fashion and a new jungle section at the beginning of the Kundang Camp mission is included. (This level is also in Essentials.)
  • In the Hesperia Railways mission magazines promoting Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time can be seen.
  • Pandora Tomorrow is the only game in the series in which Lambert is voiced by a different actor.
  • In the game, patrolling enemies will often whistle part of the the game's main theme to themselves.
  • This game was banned by the Indonesian Government due to the controversial theme about the Timor Leste-Indonesian conflict.
    • Also, it should be known that "Darah dan Doa" is an Indonesian Movie about the Indonesian Revolution War and the country's national identity. Internationally, it was released as 'The Long March'.
    • This game shares many similarities to the first two Mission Impossible movies such as the train level and the plot of a smallpox virus being similar to the Chimera virus.