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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Fallout continues the novelization of Sam Fisher. In this fourth outing, Sam seeks vengeance after his brother's death all the while trying to stop terrorist from wiping out New York City with Plutonium Hydride-19. A radical Islamic leader who dreams of the past will do anything in his power to ensure that the future is destroyed-by hitting the technological world where it hurts: oil.


The plot begins in 2008, with Sam Fisher undergoing unfamiliar spy techniques training in the streets of San Francisco in a joint exercise between the Central Intelligence Agency and Third Echelon known as CROSSCUT. Fisher is soon after summoned to Maryland by Colonel Irving Lambert. Turns out, Sam's estranged brother, Peter, has been found barely alive off the coast of Greenland. Sam is told that Peter has developed a strange disease and has few days to live. It is soon revealed that Sam's brother died of poisoning caused by Plutonium hydride-19, or PuH-19. This deadly powder is 1,000x finer than flour and is capable of wiping out New York's entire population with just a cup's worth of the chemical. Although driven at first solely by vengeance, Sam soon realizes that Peter's death should be the least of his worries as a network of Kyrgyz Islamic fundamentalists have toppled the moderate government of Kyrgyztan and, with the help of the North Korean government, have devised the ultimate antidote against the pervasive influence of the West and its technology: they will try to mutate a species of petroleum-eating Chytridiomycota fungus into a strain capable of making the whole world's oil supply disappear, a threat Fisher and Lambert continually refer to as Manas, in reference to the Kyrgyz epic poem. In order to do this, the terrorists snatch some of the world's leading scientists and force them to cooperate. Sam gets his final lead by tracking one of the abducted scientists in a search that will lead him to a place such as the streets of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, an isolated Kyrgyz community in Cape Breton Island, the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, Pyongyang, North Korea, and a Kyrgyz prison complex in the Tian Shan Mountain Range.


  • Sam Fisher
  • Irving Lambert
  • Anna Grímsdóttir
  • William Redding
  • Bird
  • Sandy
  • Peter Fisher/Pyotr Limonovich - The severity of the radiation poisoning caused Peter intense pain. While he survived long enough to be visited by Sam, Peter died two days after his arrival at the CCCD. His body was then cremated and stored in a protected container at the Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility in Oregon in Chapter 6.
  • Franklin - The newest edition to Bird’s crew, the Osprey’s engineer/navigator/loadmaster. An Annapolis wunderkind graduate dubbed "Franco" by Bird described as being capable of black-belt-level sudoku, in pen, with one half of his brain while calculating glide paths with the other. Though both Bird and Sandy denied it, Fisher suspected they’d been telling Franklin tall tales about Fisher eating live ducklings for breakfast and being responsible for the Hindenburg disaster.
  • Jackie Feist - Project Leader of CROSSCUT.
  • Frederick - Tail 6.1. Helps Fisher navigate through Pyongyang in Chapter 36.
  • Judy - The "wife" of Tail 6.2.2.
  • Reginald - The "husband" of Tail 6.2.2.
  • † Ivan Limonovich - KGB Major who made contact with the CIA in 1968 to spy for them in exchange for being smuggled into the US with his newborn son Pyotr (his wife died in childbirth). After a few weeks, the CIA agrees, and Fisher’s father is dispatched to be his handler. Over the next two years, Ivan fed the US invaluable info that became essential for the USS Pueblo crew’s release and SALT I. Shot by Soviets in 1970 during an escape through the Finnish border in Chapter 6.
  • † Bolot Omurbai - Kyrgyrzstan’s technophobic and anti-Western president since 1998 as well as the commander of the Kyrgyz Republic Liberation Army (KRLA). Presumed dead since his 2003 execution. Overthrows the current Kyrgyz administration in Chapter 23, but is overthrown again and kills himself using his AK-47's last bullet in Chapter 50 (Epilogue).
  • † Samet Satybaldiyev - Warlord who is Bolot Omurbai's oldest friend and de facto leader of the Kyrgyz Republic Liberation Army. Throat slit by Omurbai in Chapter 5 for responding to his surname in Bishkek previously.
  • Jerry Pults - Former RCMP detective with a long and distinguished career who spent the last three years of it at the RCMP Academy after a crackhead’s bullet shattered his hip. He was thrice decorated for bravery, an expert marksman, and had for five years been the lead unarmed combat instructor at RCMP Toronto. Married to Mary, his high school sweetheart, for 37 years. Three children, a boy and two girls, all upstanding citizens without so much as a parking ticket.
  • Carmen Hayes - 28-year old hydrogeologist who works in her father's company's exploration division. Disappeared four months ago in Montreal after stepping out of her hotel. Before the conditioning that corrupted her mind and made her work with Omurbai, wrote a letter in prison that reads. Carmen is later rescued but shot by Sam Fisher in the left hip in Chapter 49 and recovers after four weeks in the next chapter, being visited by Fisher in her home. Described as having blond long hair (cut during her four months of captivity) with a slim body.
  • Price Hayes - Texas oil baron and Carmen's father.
  • Loretta Hayes - Carmen's mother.
  • Aldric Legard - 50-year old head of the Quebec Mafia who jammed a stiletto to his boss' eye during dinner 5-6 years earlier. After usurping his place, he switching the Mafia's main business focus from contracts, unions, and high-end escort services to drugs and white slavery. Knocked out by Sam Fisher in Chapter 12.
  • Bruno - Legard's personal bodyguard. Knocked out by Sam Fisher in Chapter 11.
  • † Chin-Hwa Pak - RDEI operative posing as a North Korean salaryman who kidnapped Stewart on the cargo ship Gosselin. Executed by Sam Fisher in Chapter 39 for insulting Peter.
  • Frank Styles - Old friend of Fisher and Lambert from Ft. Bragg. Used to joke about going to start a Nauga ranch and sell their hides to the army upon retirement.
  • † Calvin Stewart - Particle physicist in Toronto University who was working on a grant from the DOE two weeks earlier when he was kidnapped. Married and has a seven-year old daughter. Shot twice by Pak and dies of his injuries in Chapter 25, before Pak detonates the charges on the oil rig to erase evidence of PuH-19 testing.
  • Seltkins - One of the doctors managing Peter.
  • Robert A. Robinson - Grimsdottir’s contact, an old college friend turned history author also known by her as RAT. Lives in Soldier's Cove with his 35-year old wife Emily. Robinson, a Middle East policy expert kept on a consultant’s retainer by the CIA, is also the foremost expert on Cape Breton Island's history. Described by Grimsdottir as being able to “brief the hell out of you, make a laser out of your cell phone, and recite obscure sci-fi trivia until you bleed from the ears”.
  • Tolkun Bakiyev - Leader of the Bakiyev Mafia, which moved to Nova Scotia in the 70s and whose father quietly turned the town back to its old ways of organized crime, specializing mostly in smuggling black market goods that they ship into the United States.
  • Edna Stinson - Retired librarian who lives half a mile down Fisher Farms, Germantown, MD. Left a food gift in the place with a note reading "Welcome back. An apple pie on the back porch for you. - Edna".
  • Shirley Russo - The sole heiress to an old-money Connecticut family fortune, Russo had broken the mold and instead of letting herself ease into the role of super-rich benefactor/socialite, had at the age of 50 gotten her PhD in biology. Rumor has it she donates every penny of her salary to the International Dragon Boat League, which sponsors fund-raising dragon boat races for breast cancer survivors. Described as having a slim stature.
  • † Niles Wondrash - Millionaire geologist/adventurer who owned a custom civilian C-46 transport called the Sunstar. Disappeared on November 17, 1949 on a trip from Mwamba to Addis Adaba. His disappearance is covered by Discovery Channel in Chapter 27.
  • † Oziri - Niles' assistant who disappeared with him.
  • Butch Mandt - Works under the guise of Butch Green, a Red Cross legal aid worker, in reality a CIA case officer who had been assigned to Nairobi up until six months earlier. Fisher met him two years prior in a Baltimore fundraiser.
  • Alysyn Wallace - USAF officer who is described as wearing khaki Capri pants and a blue T-shirt bearing the USAF logo and the words "All Air Force Billiards Champion". Came to Kenya in 1982 as a ChildFund worker and never left. According to Mandt, Aly knows Kenya better than most blacks who’d lived there all their lives.
  • Weldon Shoals - Scientist from the DOE's High Energy Physics division, a tall, balding man with thick, wiry eyebrows.
  • Jimiyu - Lambert's Kenyan contact. Has experience with various tribes there, including Samburu and Turkana. Injured by highway bandits in Chapter 32 before being hauled into an ambulance in the following chapter.
  • Tom Richards
  • Ben - North Korea expert from the DIA.
  • Kim - North Korea soldier with a family and is six months from retirement. Knocked out by Sam Fisher in Chapter 43.
  • Alexandru - Romanian SIE agent who guided Fisher to the Pyongyang Romanian Embassy to escape the capital via diplomatic flight. In his 60s, 5' 5", and bald save a fringe of gray hair over each ear and on his forehead.


  • San Franscisco, California
  • Alatau Mountains, Kyrgyzstan-Kazhakstan Border/Airspace above Northern Kyrgyzstan.
  • Aberdeen Proving Ground, Edgewood Area, Maryland
  • Situation Room Third Echelon Headquarters, Fort Meade, Maryland
  • La Fontaine Park, Montreal, Canada
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Grand River, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
  • Little Bishkek, Nova Scotia
  • Ingonish, Nova Scotia
  • Exxon Site 17, Labrador Sea
  • Farmhouse, Fisher Farms, Germantown, Maryland
  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • Kapedo, Kenya
  • Great Rift Valley, Kenya
  • Papondit, Kenya
  • 0°17' South, 34°50' East
  • CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia
  • Pyongyang, North Korea
  • Misawa Air Base, Misawa, Japan
  • Tian Shan Mountain Range prison, 200 miles east of Bishkek, Northern Kyrgyzstan
  • Richmond, Virginia


  • Fallout takes place more or less before the events of Double Agent. Fallout is largely a stand alone story with no connection to any previous book in the series, although there are a few references to a few locations, characters, and items introduced in Checkmate. Conviction (novel) and Endgame follow up on details established in the previous two books, with extra details from Double Agent. There are no direct references to Splinter Cell (novel) and Operation Barracuda.
  • Fallout takes place in spring 2008 (in the northern hemisphere).[1] This would make it chronologically after the Iceland mission (September 2007 in Version 1/January 2008 in Version 2), but before the JBA infiltration in Double Agent (Version 2). In Conviction, Sarah Fisher's "death"/Iceland follows the Essentials/Version 2 date of 2008, moving the JBA incident closer to Winter 2008 (Version 1 occurs in March, which is early spring, placing it concurrently with Fallout), as Sam spends about half of the year in Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary. Conviction (game) adopted a combination of the Version 2 timeline (I.E. date of Sarah's death), with details from version 1 (Sam shooting Lambert in New York City). As such, there is no consistent timeline between the two (and other sources). Therefore, it is unclear how these details affect the timeline and how the novel fits into them.
  • The next two books, Conviction and Endgame, make a few offhand references to this book mainly some of Grim's past, and layout of NSA headquarters, and Fisher's Sykes dagger, among other things. They also make references to Sarah and Lambert's deaths in Double Agent (but also seem to have an unclear timeline sharing elements of both versions of the games). Fallout and the latter two books seems to fit closer to the Version 2 timeline which places events of Double Agent closer to late Winter 2008 (with Fallout occurring spring of 2008)
  • The Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction Starter Kit makes references to locations Sam visited during this novel. The novels are stated to be part of the complete history of Sam Fisher.


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