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"Like any man, when he's pushed to his limits, he's capable of anything. When someone strikes at the ones he loves, he will take any steps necessary. He's looking for answers, for the truth. He will stand by his convictions. The Sam Fisher you know is dead. The man who played by the rules, listened to the voice in his ear - he's gone. So watch your back, I can't stop him - no one can."
Victor Coste tells Black Arrow about Sam's situation in Conviction.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction is the fifth console game in the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series of games, and seventh game overall. It was first released on April 13, 2010 for the Microsoft Xbox 360 in North America. In this installment, Sam Fisher has left Third Echelon and is investigating a rumor that his daughter's death wasn't an accident.

In a drastic change from the previous games, Sam is perceived to be much quicker, stronger and far more brutal in his quest for truth. The game features several new gameplay elements and mechanics including "Mark and Execute", which allows the player to target multiple enemies and instantly kill them when the player has a clear shot.


Gameplay Mechanics

Persistent Elite Creation

Main Article: Persistent Elite Creation

Conviction brought a new feature into gameplay called Persistent Elite Creation (P.E.C.). This system was first seen in Rainbow Six: Lockdown, however, it has been slightly changed for this title. Players are able to complete certain challenges while playing any game mode to build P.E.C. points. These point can in turn be used to purchase weapon upgrades, armor upgrades and armor camouflage. The challenges are divided into three different categories (Mark and Execute Challenges, Vanish Challenges and Splinter Cell Challenges). After completing all of the challenges available, players can obtain a total of 38,000 P.E.C. points.

Mark and Execute

Main Article: Mark and Execute

Beginning with Conviction, players able to "Mark" enemies and environmental objects to quickly and efficiently "Execute" marked enemies within range in quick succession via head shots with the push of a button. Each weapon also comes with a certain amount of Marks, and some weapons can also be upgraded to have an additional Mark with a Red Dot Sight Upgrade.

New Features

  • Environmental Interrogation Gameplay: The interrogation of select NPCs using the immediate environment.
  • Projected Text and Films: The story is amazingly told in real time through text, still images and film clips projected onto the foreground of the game environment. Prompts are also integrated into the game through the projection of names of people and mission objectives.
  • Black and white desaturation: Replaces the light meter of previous games. When the player character steps into the shadows, the environment will desaturate into black and white. This indicates to the players that they are hidden from enemies. BUT this doesn't mean they are completely invisible.
  • Last Known Position: If detected by an enemy, a white translucent silhouette of the player character will appear where the enemy last saw them.
  • Interrogation can be performed to very limited NPCs, but in this game interrogation is more violent.
  • Conviction now allows players to aim a weapon faster by zooming in when near a guard's head, automatically moving the reticle over it, but only if the weapon has a Red Dot Sight attached. All sidearms also have unlimited ammo in reserve.
  • Enemy weapons can be picked up and used, player has access to non-suppressed firearms.


Some gameplay mechanics from previous Splinter Cell games were omitted in Conviction, this includes:

  • Multi-Vision Goggles (replaced by Sonar Goggles)
  • Moving and hiding enemy bodies.
  • Picking up and throwing miscellaneous items.
  • The split jump, an acrobatic maneuver that involves jumping up the walls of a narrow corridor to hide above enemies.
  • Lock picking minigames (Lock-picking was done automatically)
  • Hacking minigames (Hacking was done automatically)
  • Whistling.
  • Crawling through air ducts.
  • Hiding (under-beds, in lockers, et cetera).
  • Knocking out grabbed enemies.
  • Non-lethal weapons.
  • Non-lethal attacks, unless the mission requires.


Prologue (co-op campaign)

Ten days prior to the apprehension of Sam Fisher, Third Echelon agent Archer and Voron agent Kestrel are deployed to the Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg, Russia to halt rogue elements of the Russian military from selling advanced warheads on the black market. Intelligence from Third Echelon asset Andriy Kobin has pointed Archer and Kestrel to drug and human trafficker Valentin Lesovsky as the broker for the sale. Archer and Kestrel are to terminate Lesovsky and his associate, Boris Sychev, as well as gaining Lesovsky's contact list.

Archer and Kestrel are later deployed to the Russian embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan to gather intelligence on an arms deal conducted by former Russian GRU colonel Leonid Bykhov. Archer and Kestrel observe the arms deal and learn that Bykhov betrays Tagizade and orders his men to kill him. Archer and Kestrel prevent the destruction of the weapons crates, learning that the weapons Bykhov was intending to sell were Block II JDAM missile guidance kits. Archer and Kestrel make their way to the banquet area to interrogate Bykhov. Archer and Kestrel learn that Bykhov was working with Major General Kerzakov, and that Kerzakov was in the Yastreb Complex, an underground fortress situated underneath Moscow's Red Square.

Archer and Kestrel infiltrate the complex to avert the sale of the JDAM kits to the Iranians and learn the location of the EMPs. They render the JDAM kits inoperable by using their portable EMP devices, download data from multiple servers to trace the EMP devices to the Mozdok Proving Grounds, and kill Kerzakov in the process.

Sneaking aboard a supply truck, Archer and Kestrel infiltrate the Mozdok Proving Grounds in North Ossetia. They manage to secure the EMP devices with the help of Kobin. However, during the middle of extraction, Tom Reed contacts Archer on his earpiece and orders him to kill Kestrel. Kestrel however learns of the order from reading Archer's OPSAT device, forcing him to act in self-defense. Archer or Kestrel manage to kill one another (canonically Kestrel kills Archer), only for the guilt-ridden survivor to be executed by Kobin.

Solo campaign

Taking place three years after the events of Double Agent in 2011, former Navy SEAL Victor Coste is held in a Black Arrow facility interrogation room as he is interviewed by an unidentified group of men, recalling recent events in the past tense.


After having left Third Echelon and disappeared, Sam Fisher is remotely contacted by former Third Echelon colleague Anna "Grim" Grímsdóttir in a marketplace situated in Valletta, Malta. He is warned that a group of armed men have entered the marketplace and are looking for him. Sam dispatches them and interrogates the leader Dmitri Gramkos, learning that local drug runner Andriy Kobin was responsible for the death of his daughter, Sarah. Sam learns that Kobin is present in his mansion, a re-purposed museum in the city on King George Street. Upon infiltrating the mansion, Sam interrogates Kobin and learns that the situation was "bigger than his daughter," prior to being tranquilized and captured by Splinter Cells.


Sam is relocated to Price Airfield in Virginia, where Grim reveals that she is working with President Patricia Caldwell as a mole inside Third Echelon, and that she needs his help with investigating a PMC named Black Arrow. A reluctant Sam refuses to help her, but relents after being told that Sarah is alive and that she would prove it to him during the course of the investigation. Grim facilitates Sam's escape from the airfield by providing him with a gun and access to her car. At Grim's request, Sam slaps her to make it appear that he escaped by force and prevent Grim's cover from being blown. After escaping the base, Sam calls in his former teammate Victor Coste for assistance in the investigation, in part of Coste having rescued him from a hostage situation while on a mission during the Gulf War. Sam meets with Coste at a county fair near the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C., receives some equipment and learns that White Box Technologies, an R&D (Research and Development) company specializing in EMP technology, hired Black Arrow for corporate security, which is considered to be out of character as Black Arrow does not usually provide those services.

Sam heads to White Box Technologies and witnesses multiple scientists murdered by Third Echelon director Tom Reed and Black Arrow operatives. Fisher saves one of the scientists and learns that Lucius Galliard hired Black Arrow to provide security, and that Major Shawn Robertson has been collecting and disposing of experimental data with EMP countermeasures. Sam reaches Robertson's office and downloads the data for Grim's analysts to study. He later triggers an EMP to prevent Black Arrow's tracing of the download in order to maintain Grímsdóttir's cover, killing Robertson in the process.

Sam is later directed to the Lincoln Memorial under orders from both President Caldwell and Grim, infiltrating the area to record a conversation between Reed and Galliard. Sam later interrogates Galliard, only for the latter to get assassinated by a gunman. Sam pursues the gunman, only for the gunman to get killed by a car bomb. Sam is later drawn into a confrontation with Third Echelon agents until he is extracted by the Secret Service.

Sam infiltrates Third Echelon Headquarters to recover equipment (such as Ultra High Frequency Sonar Goggles from a Third Echelon employee named Charlie Fryman) and retrieve information from Reed's office. Instead of finding Reed, Sam re-encounters Kobin and interrogates him again. He learns that Reed was working with Megiddo to smuggle EMP technology into the United States and use that technology to facilitate Caldwell's assassination and have Vice President Calvin Samson take over the position since he was "in Megiddo's pocket." As a result of facilitating the assassination, Reed would then be promoted within the higher ranks of the government and be considered a hero. Kobin later reveals that he never knew anything about Sarah and only provided a false body to stage her death, urging him to ask Grim as she knew the whole story. Sam confronts Grim (via telepresence call) with the information he learned, and is urged to listen to an audio recording former Director Irving Lambert made shortly before his death in New York three years before. Sam learns that Lambert staged Sarah's death as a car accident out of necessity, having learned that a mole within Third Echelon would use her as leverage against Sam. Lambert later concludes that he wasn't able to locate the mole and that his efforts may have been in vain.

Grim later tells an enraged Sam to stop one of three EMP attacks at Michigan Avenue, stating that Sarah's designated apartment is within Michigan Avenue's blast radius; while Victor recovers Sarah and later helps Sam with halting the attack, Grim would accompany Reed to the White House in order to halt the assassination. Sam is extracted by Victor via a helicopter and has a brief reunion with Sarah before the two EMP attacks commence. Shortly after being hit by a missile fired by a Black Arrow trooper and a helicopter crashing, Sam infiltrates the White House while confronting Black Arrow, Splinter Cells and Third Echelon's assault units in the process. Sam regroups with Grim, who shoots Sam in the shoulder so that he can get close to Reed, appearing to have been taken prisoner.

Upon entering the Oval Office where Reed, the president and a number of Splinter Cells were waiting, Reed prepares to execute Sam and the president. It is revealed that Caldwell was going to shut down Third Echelon and leave "America vulnerable to future attacks" and to prevent this, Reed planned to frame Sam for assassinating the president, as supposed proof to the country that Third Echelon was necessary. As Reed gets close to Sam, Sam disarms Reed and he and Grim kill Reed's Third Echelon escorts. Sam interrogates Reed while U.S. Army soldiers extract President Caldwell. Sam realizes that Reed was the mole Lambert was looking for. Depending on the player's choice, either Sam or Grim executes Reed. If Grim executes Reed, Grim confides in Sam that he is the only person that she can trust, but Sam comments on how she ironically used the word "trust". He flat out tells her goodbye and leaves. If Sam executes Reed, the player has a choice of how to go about doing it. If Reed is shot with all three prompts the gunshot wounds form the iconic three-dot icon of the series.

Black Arrow's interview with Victor concluded, Victor states that Sam would be with Sarah to "catch up" and that Sam loved him (Coste) like a brother. Shortly after Victor finishes his sentence, an explosion is heard and the base is placed on alert, implying that Sam is assaulting the base with the intention of rescuing Victor.

iOS/Android Version

The story for Conviction for the mobile/tablet version has a similar level structure to the console version with several different missions and twists in the story. For example, one of the early levels in Malta: Fisher is contacted by Grímsdóttir at a marina and has to work his way up to a marketplace, where she has hid an earpiece for him under a telescope, instead of Grim contacting Fisher by a pre-existing earpiece that Fisher is already wearing, as it is with the console versions.

The game contains 11 missions and is mostly based off the console versions, plus an exclusive level set on the banks of the Potomac River.

Unlike the console version the game has computers to hack and emails to read. There are also touch sensitive mini-games to solve certain puzzles or real-time events.

Story summary

SCC iPhone GDC preview1-noscale.jpg

Sam Fisher is contacted by Anna Grímsdóttir at a marina and has to work his way up to a marketplace, where she has hidden an earpiece for him under a telescope. After he finds the earpiece, several men enter the marketplace to capture him. One of them shoots an RPG at the fountain at the center of the marketplace, completely destroying it. Sam goes further into the marketplace, where an SUV drives up with more men. After dispatching them, Sam enters a dockside building and is chased to a boat where he escapes, ending the level.

SCC iPhone GDC preview3-noscale.jpg

Sam enters another part of Malta, where Grímsdóttir sends him to a lighthouse to turn off the reflector. After disabling the reflector, a helicopter finds him at the top of the lighthouse, and the pilot asks for orders. Reed orders the pilot to fire on Fisher. A missile is sent into the top of the tower and Sam barely escapes by diving into the sea below. Climbing back onto to shore, he works his way along the beach and works his way to a market hall. Sam eliminates several more men, and then interrogates the "Sentinel". Sam convinces the Sentinel to send a message that the place is all clear, though Gramkos sends reinforcements regardless. A boat docks on a nearby pier, and several men step out, Gramkos among them. Gramkos orders the men to "take out Sam Fisher". Sam defeats them and interrogates him, where he learns of Kobin, located in an abandoned museum on George Street. Avoiding the police, he makes it to the museum. Seeing that the way was heavily guarded, Fisher creates a diversion by dropping a banner on top of more of Gramkos' men, and makes his way into the garden surrounding the museum. Grímsdóttir overloads the power grid, to turning off all of the lights in the area so that Fisher could sneak past Kobin's exterior guards. The path to museum was long, and Kobin had men on every street plus a sniper in position to ambush Fisher. Sam dispatches the sniper and makes his way into the museum, where after a considerable amount of sneaking, he interrogates Kobin. During the interrogation and before Fisher can get anything useful out of Kobin, Splinter Cells repel into the room through skylights from the roof and take Kobin away, presumably to a secure lockup. Grim explained that she was a mole inside of Third Echelon working for President Caldwell.

Fisher, under the influences of sedatives administered by Black Arrow physicians, has a flashback to an event when he was captured in Baghdad in 1991, where he was rescued by Victor Coste. Coste and his squad are driving down a highway near Baghdad in a Humvee when they are ambushed and hit by an RPG. Victor is knocked unconscious and left for dead. When he comes to, Colonel Reed orders them to stay in position, saying that another squad will be sent to pick him up. Victor chooses to disobey orders, and heads into downtown Baghdad himself in search of Fisher, his squad leader. He works his way through a train station and cargo yard, and a street filled with snipers. After making it through the gauntlet he took out a terrorist manning a mounted machine gun on the back of a truck. Taking to the rooftops, he manned another machine gun firing on terrorists coming out of a hangar, and from the highway. Finally, after destroying an enemy Humvee, he moved on, disabling some dynamite tied to a bridge out of the city. Victor barely makes it over the bridge when it collapses behind him.

Following a detour, Victor makes it into downtown Baghdad. Reed contacts him, letting him know that help has arrived, and they will be assisting him in getting Fisher back. Just as he meets up with them, their Humvee is taken out by an RPG. Victor kills the terrorist and takes his RPG, firing it on an enemy vehicle. Victor climbs into a building, but another terrorist with an RPG hits said building close to where he is standing, blowing a corner of the building and knocking Coste to the ground floor. Coste makes it into the terrorist's compound, and interrogates a guard for a keycard into the building where Fisher was being held. He made his way into the basement of the building, where Sam was being held in a cell. Coste opened the cell, and they contacted Wafford Base to send a helicopter for them, then proceeding to make their way back up and to the second story. After a rather heated gun battle, Coste escorted Sam through the streets, narrowly avoiding a tank and meeting up with a rescue helicopter. Both made it safely back to base.

Heading to Washington, D.C., Sam met up with Victor Coste, who gave him "his favourite pistol" and a portable EMP generator from DARPA. He also helped Sam infiltrate White Box, MCN Headquarters, where secret Third Echelon Headquarters was also located. Sam first knocked out the power to the surrounding compound. He made his way into the security booth, to disable the security in the building, and took out the satellite antenna's on top of the roof. He then disabled the satellite dish on the roof, and made it inside the building via an elevator into building. Inside he tracked down where Kobin was being held. Sam saves a scientist from some Black Arrow mercenaries, and who tells him about Robertson. After witnessing some more Black Arrow mercenaries murder a scientist, Sam interrogates a splinter cell for a keycard into Third Echelon Headquarters, and saved some scientists that were being held hostage. Grímsdóttir contacted Sam, and had him help her hack into the computer systems.Sam discovered Kobin inside Third Echelon HQ, eavesdropping on him contacting Reed. Sam interrogated Kobin, learning more about the EMPs, and more about his daughter. He then contacted Grim to learn more from her.

Sam made his way to the rooftops of the complex, where Coste contacted him to let him know he was inbound in a helicopter. But Reed had sent another helicopter to intercept him. Reed had the chopper fire a missile at Sam, destroying the doorway behind him. Sam made his way across the roof avoiding the helicopter. Finally reaching some RPGs, he fired them at the chopper, and then sniped the pilot (causing it to crash into the roof). Sam then made his way back into the building to regroup with Coste.

With the crash Third Echelon HQ was in flames, with Splinter Cells and Black Arrow mercenaries trapped inside, and security system going haywire. Sam made his way through the building to find an exit, meeting Coste halfway. They make there way to the exit before the buildings explode. Coste gives Sam data leading to the location of the EMPs, before they separate.

Both Sam and Coste head to hidden missile base on the shores of the Potomac River in order to disarm the EMP missile being prepped there. As they make there way to the base by boat, they are chased and fired upon by Black Arrow and Splinter Cells in boats and humvees on the shore. Clearing the way Sam lets Victor off, while he makes by boat to shut down generators powering the search lights of the base. Switching off the generator alerts the base. Sam is chased back to Victor, who takes out the boats with an RPG. They make there way and disable the last few generators. At the last one, Sam interrogates a Black Arrow mercenary who tell him about Colonel Jeremy Prentiss, and the EMP. Sam and Coste then make their way to the missile silo. Sam cleared the forces around the silo, and attempted to disarm the EMP. But the missile was fired.

Sam and Coste quickly flew their helicopter to the White House just as the EMP exploded causing them to crash. Black Arrow and Splinter Cells were already inside the white house trying to capture and kill the President. Sam made his way inside. Inside, Grim contacted him letting him know that they were almost closing in on the president in the Oval Office. Coste also contacted him to tell him that he was inbound with his daughter. Sam ran into Grim, who shot him, to get him closer to the president. Splinter Cells enter the room and then escorted him to Reed. After a long speech, Sam got his chance, grabbing Reed, and killing the five Splinter Cells guarding him. Sam interrogated him, and Grim killed him. His daughter walked into the Oval Office and they were finally reunited. Both walked away from Grímsdóttir.

Mission locations

Version 1

Prologue & Deniable Ops

  • St. Petersburg Banya - Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Russian Embassy - Russian Embassy, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Yastreb Complex - Yastreb Complex, Moscow, Russia
  • Mozdok Proving Grounds - Mozdok Proving Grounds, North Caucasus Military District

Deniable Ops Exclusive

  • Lumber Mill
  • Printing Press
  • Third Echelon, Fort Meade, Maryland (Gamespot sign-up Exclusive)
  • New Orleans, Louisiana (Insurgency Pack)
  • Portland, Maine (Insurgency Pack)
  • Salt Lake City, Utah (Insurgency Pack)
  • San Francisco, California (Insurgency Pack)

Single-player campaign

iOS/Android Version

  • Marina and Marketplace, Malta
  • Lighthouse and Market Hall, Malta
  • City Streets and Museum, Malta
  • Baghdad, Iraq, Gulf War, 1991
  • White Box, MCN Complex and Third Echelon HQ, Washington, D.C.
  • Potomac River and Missile Silo, Virginia
  • White House, Washington, D.C.

Weapons, gadgets, uniforms and other equipment



Machine pistols

  • Skorpion
  • SR-2M
  • MP7A1 (Suppressed; Exclusive Content – Exclusive to the Limited Collector's Edition and Gamestop preorders; Obtainable by going to Menu - Extras - Exclusive Content section of the main menu as of April 14, 2010)

Submachine guns

Assault rifles

  • AK-47
  • M468
  • G36C
  • SC3000
  • FAMAS G2 (Exclusive Content – Obtainable by going to Menu - Extras - Exclusive Content section of the main menu as of April 29, 2010)
  • VIKHR (Exclusive Content – Obtainable by going to Menu - Extras - Exclusive Content section of the main menu as of May 20, 2010)

Battle rifles


  • M-500
  • SPAS-12 (Only Deluxe Version DLC)
  • M3 (Exclusive Content – Obtainable by going to Menu - Extras - Exclusive Content section of the main menu as of ?????)



  • VR Zvezda (Exclusive Content – Obtainable from (Uplay)
  • 3E Elite (Exclusive Content – Obtainable by going to Menu - Extras - Exclusive Content section of the main menu as of ?????)
  • VR Akali (Exclusive Content – Obtainable by going to Menu - Extras - Exclusive Content section of the main menu; Unlocked by cracking the code and gaining a code for it)
  • 3E Shadow Armor (Exclusive Content – Exclusive to the Limited Collector's Edition and Gamestop pre-orders; Obtainable by going to Menu - Extras - Exclusive Content section of the main menu as of April 14, 2010)

Other equipment


There are five different multiplayer game modes in Conviction, each of which supports up to two players. Gameplay remains largely the same as it is in the single player campaign, but with additions such as appearance customization and cooperative moves that are unavailable to Sam as a solo operative.

The first of these modes is called Prologue, which is a cooperative campaign that takes place prior to the events of the single player campaign.

The last four of these modes (Hunter, Last Stand, Face-Off and Infiltration) are collectively called "Deniable Ops" and have no story.


Four Russian EMP weapons have been stolen and need to be retrieved before they are sold on the black market. Third Echelon and their Russian counterpart, Voron, must work together to recover the warheads, sending American agent Archer and Russian agent Kestrel deep into the heart of Russia’s dark and perilous underworld. Together, Archer and Kestrel will embark on a mission that will require their cooperation and combined skill that will test their mettle every step of the way, and that will test their very conviction as Splinter Cells.

Play the cooperative story campaign with a friend through four unique environments, taking on the roles of Third Echelon and Voron characters Archer and Kestrel.

Deniable Ops

Main article: Deniable Ops

These are the other multiplayer gametypes. With the exception of Face Off, all gametypes can be played either alone or with a partner. The Insurgency Pack is an add-on for the game. It was released for Xbox 360 and PC on May 27, 2010 for $9.99 on Steam, or 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE. It adds four new Deniable Ops maps and new achievements.


Main article: Hunter

Your mission is to eliminate all the enemies in a progressive sweep of the map. Each Zone has 10 enemies (in some zones, 8 enemies) Getting detected causes enemy reinforcements to arrive, increasing the difficulty.

Last Stand

Main article: Last Stand

Defend an EMP generator against waves of enemies . The enemies will concentrate on destroying the EMP if you remain hidden in the shadows . Showing yourself causes the enemies to focus their attacks on you while the EMP can be repaired.


Main article: Face-Off

Face-Off is an Adversarial mode of spy versus spy, with enemies thrown into the mix. Earn points by killing enemies, and earn lots of points by killing the other player. Getting detected by the enemies causes your Last Known Position to be revealed to the other player.


Main article: Infiltration

Infiltration rules apply to this mission. Eliminate all hostiles in the mission area without being detected. Stay hidden in shadows and use stealth kills to prevent the enemy from spotting you. This game mode must be unlocked through Uplay. See the Uplay section of this page for more information.


On July 16, 2007, it was announced that composers Kaveh Cohen and Michael Nielsen in association with music house Groove Addicts will be composing the musical score to Splinter Cell: Conviction, their first score for a videogame. Its been recently announced that composer Amon Tobin, who scored the Chaos Theory soundtrack, will additionally contribute to the musical score to Conviction.

Special Edition releases

Like many other games, Conviction released a special edition game that included a selection of items that fans could obtain.

The Limited Collector's Edition for European buyers included a metal game case, a statue of Sam Fisher aiming his Five-seveN, a code for the 3E Shadow Armor character uniform, a soundtrack containing music from the game, a new Deniable Ops game mode called Infiltration and codes for early access to three new weapons including the SC3000, SMG-2 and the MP5.


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction - Collectors Edition Feature Video

The United States buyers who received the Collector's Edition of the game also got a list of unique items, as well as a few items that simply gave them a head start over other players. This list includes:

  • A custom USB drive the size of a credit card. This card could not only fit into a wallet but it also contained a full-length "Making of Splinter Cell: Conviction" video as well as concept art, renders, screenshots and storyboards for the game.
  • A "Fifth Freedom: The Art of Splinter Cell" small hard-bound book that contained detailed art from the every Splinter Cell titles that has been released for the main consoles (art from Splinter Cell: Essentials was not included). Alongside the artwork was commentary that had been written in by the developers. There also was "Digging in the Ashes", a comic book explaining the events that lead up to the storyline of Conviction.

Europe's Limited Collectors Edition box set.

  • Exclusive access to both the MP5-SD3 suppressed submachine gun and the 3E Shadow Armor, a unique uniform that could be used in Deniable Ops.
  • Two different collectible stickers. One was a Third Echelon logo decal and the other was an iconic bullet hole decal. These two stickers came packaged together.
  • A STEELBOOK™ game case that featured three indented bullet holes resembling the trifocal pattern of Fisher's multi-vision goggles from previous games. The case included the game disk and the manual for Conviction.

Aside from the two Collector's Edition copies of the game, a Special Edition Xbox 360 was also released on April 13. One major difference between the two Collector's Edition games is that the Special Edition Xbox 360 contained exactly the same materials in its box everywhere around the world. This edition came with the Xbox 360 console, a 250GB hard drive, two black wireless controllers, a single headset, a single Ethernet cable, standard definition composite audio/video cables and a regular copy of Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Uplay releases

Main article: Uplay

The rewards given out by Uplay include:

  • SCAR-H
    • "Built for rough conditions, the SCAR-H deals far range damage while keeping accurate."
    • "Voron's SV7 Rapid Response Assault Suit. Used by Voron field operatives for assault operations."
  • Infiltration Mode
    • "Eliminate all hostiles without being detected."
  • SCC Theme
    • "Download the exclusive Uplay theme for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction." (Xbox 360)
    • "Download the exclusive Uplay Wallpaper for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction." (PC)

Xbox 360 avatar items

In the Xbox 360's Avatar Marketplace, people purchase many different Splinter Cell items related to the upcoming title. There are a total of fourteen items that can be purchased and all but two available for both male and female avatars. The items are:

  • The Conviction Logo Tee (Color: Grey, 80 Microsoft Points)
  • The Third Echelon Logo Tee (Color: Green, 80 Microsoft Points)
  • The Conviction Logo Baseball Cap (Color Grey, 80 Microsoft Points)
  • Sam Fisher's Outfit (Color: Grey Sweater with green pants and boots, 400 Microsoft Points, also features backpack)
  • Elites Outfit (Color: Black suit, 400 Microsoft Points, also features a face mask)
  • Splinter Cell Outfit (Color: Black suit, 400 Microsoft Points, also features red multivision goggles)
  • Co-op Suit (Color: Black Suit, 400 Microsoft Points, also features green Multivision Goggles)
  • Andriy Kobin Outfit (Color: Grey shirt and pants with white undershirt, 320 Microsoft Points)
  • Sonar Googles (Color: Green, placed over the eyes, 80 Microsoft Points)
  • Green NVG Dots Tee (Color: Black shirt with green dots, 80 Microsoft Points, resembles multivision goggles)
  • Red NVG Dots Tee (Color: Black shirt with red dots, 80 Microsoft Points, resembles multivision goggles)
  • Sam Fisher Backpack (Color: Grey, 240 Microsoft Points, cannot be worn/only used as a prop)
  • Tom Reed Outfit (Color: Dark Brown suit, 320 Microsoft Points, male avatar item only)
  • Anna Grímsdóttir Outfit (Color: Black two piece suit with brown boots, 320 Microsoft Points, female avatar item only)

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta

Splinter Cell: Conviction it possible for the people who owned it to get access to the multiplayer beta for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The beta was not released with the game, but when the beta was open for use it became a selectable option in one of the main menu items.


  • This was Michael Ironside's last role as Sam Fisher, as Eric Johnson took over his voice role (and motion capture) in Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Ironside returned in April 2018 as Sam (callsign "Matchwood") in the Ghost Recon: Wildlands-Splinter Cell crossover DLC "Operation Watchman" after recovering from thyroid cancer.
  • Sam Fisher's fighting style in the game is an Israeli combat technique called "Krav Maga", first referenced in the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell novel, and his shooting technique is the "Center Axis Relock" style.
  • Cutscenes and images from both versions of Splinter Cell: Double Agent are used in the game and related material; In one version he is shot with a Beretta 92FS [1], and in the other, a Luger P08 (as in Double Agent Version 1).
    • Lambert's death is also portrayed with him either dying in his chair, or the chair falling over. It can be assumed that the cutscene discrepancies are due to Victor Coste not knowing the exact details of Lambert's death, you can spare Lambert in Double Agent, but this is non-canon in Conviction.
    • Lambert's death after being shot by Sam Fisher was not explicitly verified as canon until the release of Conviction (utilizing scenes from Version 1 of Double Agent). The scene showing Sam shooting Lambert with a Beretta 92FS is also an original scene.
    • The game also shows Sarah's "death" scene and her white gravestone from Version 2.[2]
  • Conviction is the first game in the series that the player controls a character other than Sam Fisher in the main story campaign.
  • Conviction is the most explicit game in the franchise, having NO non-lethal takedowns (except in the Lincoln Memorial mission) and is the first game in the franchise to lack this feature.
    • Conviction is the first game in the series that doesn't have non-lethal weapons, as the Sticky Camera now detonates and explodes to kill enemies rather than emit Gas to knock out them out.
  • Ben Hansen and Maya Valentina, characters in the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell novel and Splinter Cell: Endgame, make vocal cameos as Archer and Kestrel's handlers during the co-operative campaign as well as Hunter and Last Stand respectively. Maya also acts as the Archer and Kestrel's handler in Infiltration mode.
  • The guards in this game also frequently taunt Sam.
    • For example, they make fun of Sam's relatively old age by calling him "grandpa". Sometimes, if a guard discovers a dead guard, he will say, "Got a man down. Can't be sure but looks like Grandpa Fisher's handiwork" or if the guards see Sam and he hides, sometimes they will say, "Stay where you are grandpa. I'll bring you your walker!"
    • They also mock him for hiding in the shadows as he is best known for; this also applies to Archer and Kestrel whenever guards lose sight of them after being detected or alerted, but this is heard more frequently when playing solo and slightly less when playing Co-Op in Hunter, especially in the first three zones.
    • Some guards may also be heard blaming Sam for Lambert's death (although this is logically correct). This may imply that Sam may have developed a strong reputation during his time in the NSA and that they, like Charlie Fryman, also had a high respect for Sam Fisher, except Charlie still remained loyal despite the actions Sam committed during the events of Double Agent.
  • Conviction's Infiltration Mode also marks the first time since Pandora Tomorrow that alarms trigger a mission failure. Grim's 4E Missions in Blacklist also trigger a mission failure in a similar fashion, albeit without the implementation of alarms, as alarms are nonexistent in the game as a gameplay feature.
    • Much like the Defense Ministry Mission from Stealth Action Redefined, only one alarm is all it takes to fail a map.
  • When using the Snake Camera or Sticky Camera it shows the player holding a phone in first person. The hand holding it has no glove on as Sam wears no gloves in this game. However, when playing as Archer or Kestrel there is still no glove even if they are wearing uniforms that have gloves. This is most likely an oversight of the game.
  • A Rabbid plush toy can be seen in one of the booths on the Washington Monument level. A Rabbid balloon can also be seen in the sky. Another Rabbid can be found in the first office to the right in the White House. This is a reference to Ubisoft's other IP, Rayman Raving Rabbids.
  • In many places in the Microsoft Xbox 360 Marketplace, Conviction is simply labeled as "Splinter Cell Conviction". This includes, but is not limited, to the Game Marketplace section and the actual achievement section for the game itself.
  • Inside of the Collector's Edition copy released to the United States, a large amount of the credit card sized USB drives did not work. Due to this Ubisoft contacted all of the retailers which had the option to pre-order the game and informed them of a price drop of around $10.00 that could be redeemed at the store people reserved their game copy at. During the same call to the retailers, they informed employees of the said stores that the content on USB cards would be available for download on Thursday the 15th of April.
  • Some of the weapon stats in the game do not correctly reflect their in-game performance, for example, the SC3000 actually has less range than either the M468 or the Five-SeveN.
  • A few of the game's weapons are possibly loose references to spies beyond the Splinter Cell franchise.
    • The MK.23 is a sidearm used by Solid Snake and Raiden of the Metal Gear games. It is used in Conviction by Third Echelon Splinter Cells including Archer as well as Kestrel and Sam Fisher.
      • Coincidentally, Conviction features a FAMAS G2. In Metal Gear Solid/The Twin Snakes, a FAMAS appears as a usable firearm. This allows for players to utilize an MGS-inspired loadout in conjunction with the MK.23 if the FAMAS G2 is acquired through Uplay. Like the FAMAS in MGS/TTS, a suppressor cannot be attached to the FAMAS G2.
    • While not the same sidearm, the USP.45 is also another possible loose reference to Solid Snake in the form of the USP9SD from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, the difference being that the USP.45 does not allow suppressors until Splinter Cell: Blacklist. It should be noted that sidearms in early Metal Gear games including MGS/TTS and SoL come without suppressors (until a suppressor is procured).
    • The P99 is one of many sidearms used by James Bond in the Raymond Benson novels & several James Bond movies. As a loud sidearm in Conviction, its use in the game is consistent with how James Bond treats it in the novels as an overt weapon, whereas his more well known Walther PPK is used for undercover work.
  • During the mission to infiltrate Third Echelon Headquarters, Reed activates "Protocol 2319" to purge the facility. This is a reference to Monsters Inc., where Code 2319 requires the decontamination of a monster that has come in contact with human belongings.


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