Thomas Voeckler
Biographical information
Born Florida
Citizenship American
Family Parents
George Voeckler (brother)
Career information
Occupation Splinter Cell
Affiliations Third Echelon
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances EndWar: The Hunted, EndWar: The Missing

Thomas Voeckler is a Splinter Cell, and the twin-brother to fellow agent George Voeckler. They are active during World War III, but George was killed in the mission to hunt the Snow Maiden. He later met the Ghost team leader at the Liberator Sports Bar and Grill.

Following his brother's death, Thomas became a more dedicated agent and was assigned to Chechnya to find stolen JSF weapons. His mission was scrubbed after a pilot was shot down. He used his contact's car to travel to her location, but had to escape Russian troops. He joined up with the pilot and the Chechen terrorist who had helped her escape, and used bribes to get a police escort to the airport.

Several weeks later, he boarded the yacht of Christopher Theron, an agent for The Ganjin. Posing as a deckhand, he took his pistol away, and soon arrested Theron with the help of two Navy SEALs.


Voeckler appears in the EndWar spin-off novels.


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