Thomas Standish
Known aliases The Turtle
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series information
Appearances Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Thomas Standish (also known as The Turtle) was a British specialist bank thief with expertise in cracking high security bank vault systems. During his imprisonment in 2007, Standish aided Third Echelon with a mission to break into the MCAS Banco de Panama vault in Panama.



Prior to 2007, Standish was caught and sent to prison for his crimes.

2007: East Asian CrisisEdit

Standish was eventually released in exchange for helping Third Echelon in a mission in Panama via communications. He walked Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher through the mission of breaking into the MCAS Banco de Panama vault using a device called the "telemetric lockpick" - a device that can simultaneously pick two separate locks at the same time. With his help, Sam was able to crack through the "Mason Wells 88" and entered the vault.

Profile Edit

Standish is very knowledgeable about bank security and vault models, derived from his thieving activities prior to his imprisonment in 2007. Standish has a very derogatory dialect, but seems to still exhibit focus on the current situation at hand. He knows about unconventional, and advanced tools used for vault-cracking, with knowledge of high-tech gadgets like the telemetric lockpick.



  • Standish only appears in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, in the bank mission.
  • Despite being an expert at bank robbing, he seems to forgot that there are laser tripwires inside the vault; the conversation will be triggered if Sam is not careful enough while leaving the vault.
  • Standish's image in the briefing remains anonymous, he is the only character in Chaos Theory that does not show face in briefing.
  • According to Sam, the tools he used to crack the vault belong to Standish.