Thomas Gurgenidze (November 8, 1960 – October 16, 2004), was a Georgian booking clerk for the T'Bilisi fourth police precinct, as well as an informant for CIA agents Alice Madison and Robert Blaustein and a liaison for the National Security Agency. He died in a warehouse fire after Russian Mafioso had beat him up and set fire to the building.


Early life Edit

A Georgian national, Gurgenidze was recruited into the CIA by Agent Tanahill in 1996 as a CIA informant to CIA agents (such as Robert Blaustein).

In 1997, Gurgenidze succeeded in securing a clerical role in the T'Bilisi police force, and after a month of employment, he met the corrupt Sergeant Lortkipanidze. During this time, Gurgenidze gains two promotions, increased CIA salary (as per request of Tanahill), and access to Lortkipanidze's computer through server access.

In April 1998, Gurgenidze begins a weekly transmission of Lortkipandize's computer files for analysis of his corrupt deals and operations.

2004: Georgian Information Crisis Edit

 In October 2004, Gurgenidze sent a 'negative report' on Alice Madison. Later that month, after Blaustein and Madison's disappearance, Gurgenidze was severely beaten by Kombayn Nikoladze's thugs and left to die in a warehouse where he went to rendezvous with Sam Fisher. The thugs set the building on fire, and escaped in a getaway van parked infront. Fisher, who was sent to investigate Blaustein and Madison's mysterious disappearance, arrives during the fire and discovers Gurgenidze trapped under debris. Gurgenidze explains that Madison stumbled upon 'something big' that could 'mean war'. He says, "I think Nikoladze wanted..." then dies, prompting Sam to tell Lambert that, "Gurgenidze checked out." Lambert tells Fisher to leave the corpse in the burning building, explaining that it will be "less to explain to his family".

Mission AppearancesEdit

Tom Clancy's Splinter CellEdit


  • Gurgenidze died on October 16, 2004 just 23 days away from his 44th birthday.
  • Gurgenidze may have known something about "The Ark", his final words having been, "I think Nikoladze wanted..." It's known that the Ark was "what Nikoladze wanted most".
  • Gurgenidze is located in the room where once the player first enters it (when Anna Grímsdóttir tells the player to head into the next room), a large portion of the floor gives away. Gugenidze is located in this room towards the near-center area, but he is already covered in debris even before the room gives out.
  • It is impossible for the player to move Gurgenidze's body.
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