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The White House is the eleventh and final solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. Ex-Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher infiltrates the White House in Washington, D.C. to stop Third Echelon director Tom Reed's attempted assassination of President Patricia Caldwell.

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Sam Fisher arrives at the White House entrance and is able to infiltrate the grounds despite the Black Arrow resistance in the exterior of the White House grounds. Fisher is able to get through the resistance and reach the interior of the building by entering the side entrance. The interior is just as bad as the exterior looked, perhaps even worse. Secret Service officers had been killed by Third Echelon's security forces as they worked together with Splinter Cell operatives to seize the building. Fisher is able to find the Vice President of the United States, Calvin Samson, and interrogates him regarding his role in the Third Echelon Conspiracy to assassinate the President. Samson claims he is "bulletproof" because of Megiddo's power and influence in helping him, but Fisher disregards his bold claims and shoots him in both of his kneecaps, and then continues towards the Oval Office.


Fisher, moments before grabbing Reed and eliminating his Splinter Cell escorts.

Nearing his rendezvous point with Anna Grímsdóttir, Fisher encountered Splinter Cell operatives breaking into the interior and working to take down the Secret Service and any resistance attempting to stop Reed's plan. Fisher finally met with Grímsdóttir, where she got the plan to bring him close to Tom Reed: Grímsdóttir shot Fisher to make it look good and escorted him to Reed in the Oval Office. Inside of the room, it is shown that Reed had seized it and was holding the President captive along with several of his Splinter Cell operatives. Reed begins to go over his grand plan, but Fisher disarmed Reed and he - along with Grímsdóttir - were able to take out the other Splinter Cell operatives. Fisher shoved Reed on the President's desk as soldiers of D.C.'s branch within the U.S. National Guard breached the room to secure the POTUS (President of the United States) led by Captain Simpson. Captain Simpson believing Fisher a threat and told him to put down his weapon but President Caldwell commanded him to stand down. Simpson escorted the President out of the room as Reed was left alone with Fisher and Grímsdóttir.

Reed corpse

Reed's corpse after being killed by Anna Grímsdóttir. Note the signature trifocal symbol on Reed's head and shoulders.

Reed reveals that he was the mole that former Third Echelon director Irving Lambert was worried about operating in Third Echelon, this was the reason why Lambert had faked Sarah Fisher's death. It was further revealed that Reed was but a pawn, the whole plan was orchestrated by a shadowy group called Megiddo. In the final moments, Fisher actually spares Reed and doesn't shoot and kill him. As Fisher begins to walk away, Reed laughs and tells him that he'll look forward to seeing him at his trial. Grímsdóttir takes out her SIG P228 and shoots Reed in the head, killing him instantly. With Reed's brief capture and death, this marked the end of the Third Echelon Conspiracy as Third Echelon was disbanded after investigations by President Patricia Caldwell.

Trivia Edit

  • Depending on the player's choice, either Sam or Grim executes Reed. If Grim executes Reed, Grim confides in Sam that he is the only person that she can trust, but Sam comments on how she ironically used the word "trust". He flat out tells her good-bye and leaves.
    • If Sam executes Reed, the player has a choice of how to go about doing it. If Reed is shot with all three prompts the gunshot wounds form the iconic three-dot icon of the series.
  • It is revealed that it is canon that Grímsdóttir is the one that shoots Reed, and not Fisher - meaning the 'spare' option is the canon choice for the player to make.
  • In the final moments in the Oval Office, this is the first and only time (not including cooperative levels) where the player uses Mark and Execute in tandem with another person, specifically a NPC (Non-Playable Character).
  • 'Flash-forwards' of the final moments in this level appeared in earlier levels in Splinter Cell: Conviction, with the cutscene where Grímsdóttir shoots Sam being the first one to appear the the start of the campaign. The animations in this cutscene are different from the cutscene that finally 'appears' in the level.
  • This level contains the most amount of 'Marks' that the player 'Executes' at once in series.


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