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The Splinter Cell is a fan-made live-action film that follows Sam Fisher during his early years. Set before he joined Third Echelon and before the first video game in the Splinter Cell series, The Splinter Cell takes familiar characters of the series and delves deep into the past. As a fan-made film, the events of the film are considered non-canon and Ubisoft was not involved in any way.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Produced by 'Atomic Productions', The Splinter Cell is based around a younger Sam Fisher, before joining Third Echelon. While the story focuses on Sam Fisher, familiar faces, like Irving Lambert, are present in the plot. A new character, Vernon Wilkes, Sr., was introduced into the story as Lambert's superior. As Atomic Productions commented on the film's Youtube video to a user, "the field runner was Vernon Wilkes Jr., who is actually six years younger than Irving Lambert. Our Vernon Wilkes here is his father, Vernon Wilkes Sr, who we wrote to be the Station Chief of his division, and the superior of a young Lambert. The initial recruiter for Sam Fisher himself."

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