The Engineers' video that was released after Blacklist Zero.

"Bring your troops home."
― The Engineers video[src]

The Engineers were a terrorist organization that orchestrated the Blacklist Attacks in 2012. They were led by former MI6 agent Majid Sadiq.

History Edit

2012, 6 Months Later: Blacklist Attacks Edit


The engineer who lead the operation in Louisiana

The Engineers were lead by a group of twelve terrorists who initiated a terror ultimatum called "The Blacklist", a deadly countdown of escalating terrorist attacks on United States interests. The Engineers announced that they were the ones responsible for the attack on Anderson Air Force Base, stating that the attacks will continue unless the U.S. government recalls all American military forces from the 153 countries they are stationed in worldwide. The attacks began to increase in severity each time the countdown ultimatum reached it's deadline, repeating each week if their demands weren't met. Fourth Echelon's first and present assignment as a brand new initiative was to disrupt, and ultimately stop, the attacks from the Blacklist. According to Majid Sadiq, twelve countries are in support of The Engineers' actions and would declare war on the United States if their leader was assassinated.

After the capture of Majid Sadiq, The Engineers were disbanded and some members were presumably incarcerated or went into hiding.


Members Edit


While a full list of The Engineers has never been officially released, the video from the Ubisoft conference shows a list that could possibly be members of The Engineers:

  • ???
  • Lankaster, Susan
  • Edwards, Stan
  • Regent, Lance
  • Korkouth, Karen
  • Koran, Donald
  • Dougherty, Thomas
  • Eisen, Norman
  • Gordon, David
  • Jackson, Jeanine
  • Korkouth, ???
  • Fergin, ???

Gone Dark Events Involving The EngineersEdit

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Blood Coltan Edit

  • Gone Dark
  • Anchorage, AK
  • Blood Coltan
  • Report ID 26.1

Grimsdottir: Some experimental upgrades to the SMI crashed out on us. Turns out the reason wasn't the design, it was the composition. Components were made with deliberately contaminated coltan. And if our supply chain's being hit, other key ones are being hit too.

  • Gone Dark
  • Murrua, Mozambique
  • Blood Coltan
  • Report ID 26.2

Briggs: Somebody got cute with their sourcing. We're not supposed to be using unsourced coltan, but this came from unlicensed sites in Mozambique. We've also confirmed contamination at 4 other sites, all of which show up in the mining company's records as being "on the fruit supply chain". Coltan's not fruit, so what this means is beyond me.

  • Gone Dark
  • Port Banana, DRC
  • Blood Coltan
  • Report ID 26.3

Briggs: The export chain runs cross-country to a place called Port Banana, where the controller for the port's been suborned, probably by Engineers. Charlie says his email's full of pics of his kid holding the day's newspaper, so it's a hostage situation. Looks like the paper's not in English though - it's all a variant of Creole.

  • Gone Dark
  • St. Denis, Reunion
  • Blood Coltan
  • Report ID 26.4

Charlie: SMI had enough to chew on with the background images in those shots that we could identify where they were taken. We set up the UAV to observe and sure enough, we got the kidnappers and the kid. The boy's fine but kidnappers aren't talking. Their cell phones are, though - lots of checking the price of one item on the NGM.

  • Gone Dark
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Blood Coltan
  • Report ID 26.5

Grimsdottir: It looks like the Engineers were trying to force-crash the stock of a Swedish tech firm in order to scoop it up and use their technologies. That gives us some intersting options, like letting them do it so we can drop tracers into their tech, or just scooping up the Engineer-affiliated investors to get some of the hostile money offline.

(Capture: $22500) (Bug: $22500)

Capture - Mission Failure - [Please fill in corresponding entry and delete this note.]

Bug - Mission Success - Grimsdottir: I'm not crazy about the Engineers having access to the firm's resources, but so far we've had trackers taken to six locations around the world. Clearly, the op is a success, and it'll let us shut down that many more Engineer angles. 

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