SC Pistol with T.A.K. attacted, this is only seen in the first Splinter Cell.

The Tactical Audio Kit (T.A.K.), better known as the Laser Microphone, is a laser-operated microphone integrated into the SC Pistol that enables the user to read the vibration off certain surfaces.


The laser microphone provides a zoomed camera-like field that can be aimed at different objects. It is useful for listening in on conversations that may be at a distance or behind a surface (such as a window) where it is not possible to hear at all. The user must be concealed when operating it, as it lights up red when it is on. Also, the guards may still patroling the area while you are recording, they might run into you if you stand in their path.

The laser microphone is used by Fisher several times in the Splinter Cell series. These instances include eavesdropping on a conversation between Vyacheslav Grinko and Philip Masse in a glass elevator in Splinter Cell. A phone conversation between Kombayn Nikoladze and Kong Feirong, while Feirong is in his limousine, also in Splinter Cell. As well as a phone conversation involving Norman Soth in Splinter Cell: Pandora TomorrowIn the Kundang mission, Sam uses the Sticky Camera to overhear and record conversations.

The Tactical Audio Kit was later integrated in a modification of the Multi-Vision Goggles as a built-in microphone listening device in Chaos Theory. Only a few situations you need to record the speech, since at most of the time, overhearing is good enough for the objective. After that, the T.A.K. never appeared again.


  • In Double Agent, similar device is used by Sam; the laser microphone is either integrated with the OPSAT or used as stand-alone equipment.
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