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Sticky Camera.

The Sticky Camera (or Sticky Cam) is a launcher-compatible surveillance cammera with a titanium anchor prong. This device can be fired at, and anchored to almost any flat surface including floors, walls and boxes. The Sticky Camera may not, however, be anchored onto certain metallic walls or objects.


After firing and successfully anchoring a Sticky Camera, the device links to Sam's OPSAT/PDA with a real-time wireless video signal relay. The Sticky Camera is equipped with night, thermal, and EMF vision modes as well as pan and zoom capabilities. If no signal is relaying from the Sticky Camera, there may be interference in the area. Multiple Sticky Cameras may be employed simultaneously, however, the OPSAT/PDA can only link to the device in the user's immediate area. No link can be established if the device is out of range. If more than one active Sticky Camera is in the immediate area, Sam can cycle through the Sticky Cameras in range. Sam can also disconnect the link to the Sticky Camera, and re-establish signal relay with a device in range.

Sticky Cam

Sticky Camera.

In Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory the Sticky Camera was upgraded to include the features of the Diversion Camera, a canister of non-lethal knockout gas and a noisemaker. Splinter Cell: Double Agent added the ability to upgrade the Sticky Camera with a lethal explosive charge that doubles as a self-destruct mechanism. The explosion itself can be used to remove mines, enemies or even be used as just a distraction.

In Splinter Cell: Conviction, the Sticky Camera is thrown by hand instead of launched and is shaped differently, round like a ball rather than cylindrical with a tapered point. It can be used to mark enemies, lure enemies with the noisemaker and kill enemies with an explosion that self-destructs the camera, but does not have any special vision capability nor a canister of knockout gas. It is useful for those who want a more tactical advantage over their enemies for stealthy inflitration and, in emergencies, to be able to have an explosive device to incapacitate enemies.

In Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the sticky camera is similar to the Conviction camera but with the return of sleeping gas and a new flash upgrade that can stun anyone near it.

Trivia Edit

  • In the first five games (excluding Conviction) it is possible to non-lethally knock out an enemy by shooting them in the head with a Sticky Camera, similar to the effect of a Ring Airfoil Projectile, the sticky camera is retrieveable after you use it this way.
  • In Chaos Theory and Double Agent, sticky camera would be destroyed after they released CS gas but in Blacklist the camera remains fine but is no longer able to release anymore sleeping gas as it is a one time use.
  • Only one camera at a time can be used in Conviction and Blacklist but all past games there can be multiple cameras active at one time with the player swaping the views via the OPSAT.
  • In Conviction Sticky cams can be viewed in the corner of the screen (like PIP) let the player moving around.
    • but only Sam can do this in the main story. 
  • In the first 4 games sticky cameras made a ticking sound to distract, but in Conviction they played music to distract and in Blacklist they can do both as well as new sounds like a cat purring.
  • While the in first four games the Camera is launched via the Grenade Launcher of your SC-20K, Cameras in Conviction and Blacklist are thrown by hand.
  • In Chaos Theory and Double Agent, enemies lured by your camera will open fire at the camera. Most of the time the camera will be destroyed, but if close enough, you still can gas them or blow them up before the gadget is gone.
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