Steel Factory is the fifth solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Essentials.

Mission Briefing Edit

A shipment of advance NSA weapons (including FN7s and SC20Ks) has been stolen and sold to a pair of arms dealers in the United States, who are selling them to the highest bidder. NSA surveillance indicates that a group of domestic terrorist have offered to buy the weapons, and a meet has been arranged at a steel foundry in Warsaw, Indiana. Locate the arms deal and gather any information you can about the dealers and where the weapons are bound.

Mission InformationEdit


  • There is a weapon's deal taking place in the foundry. Find out where it is and listen to it. Don't get detected by the dealers.
  • The buyers are heading outside and they will make a phone call to confirm the transaction. Laser mic that conversation.
  • Take care of the dealers, if they leave the factory, everything has been for nothing.
  • Get to extraction in the garage on the side of the building
  • Agent Frasier who's handling your extraction is playing both sides. Neutralize him any way you can.

Notes Edit

  • Do not kill the factory workers.
  • The code for the locker room is 7683.
  • Bring agent Frasier inside the truck. (Only if the player knocks him unconscious.)


  • Sam has the option of either killing or incapacitating Agent Frasier, the latter will add the extra task of putting his body in the truck for interrogation.
  • There seems to be a bug with the Med Kits in all game.
  • You can find one 5.56 Ammo Bullet and Frag grenade in Part 2.


Part 1 – 20:25 HoursEdit

  • Jim – a civilian worker
  • Ernest (†) – killed in Part 2
  • George
  • Chris – assistant George
  • Norm (†) – assistant Ernest, killed in Part 2
  • Mark – a civilian worker, has satchel from Eddie to Liza (mentioned only), 24/07/2006, 11:42
  • Eddie (intercom only) – a civilian worker
  • Phil (†) – has satchel from Mr. Blake, 24/07/2006, 9:13
  • Tom (†)
  • Blake (mentioned only)

Part 2 – 20:56 HoursEdit

  • Walt (†)
  • Rich (†)
  • Robbie (†)
  • Chuck – a civilian worker in server room. Date from data stick from computer to John is 23/07/2006, 15:56
  • John (mentioned only) – network supervisor
  • Steve (†)
  • Matthews (mentioned only)
  • Frasier – double agent in NSA, captured by Sam.


  1. Killed by Sam

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