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Stanley Dayton (September 22, 1981 – March 6, 2008) was a computer hacker and the systems administrator for John Brown's Army during the Red Mercury Plot in 2008.


Early life[]

Born on September 22, 1981 in Bend, Oregon, Dayton is a self-taught computer expert. He had poor grades in school, except for in subjects such as math and science. He was unpopular among both students and teachers, exhibiting two of the three classic "triad" symptoms. He dropped out of Reed College after one semester to take a computer job programming for local ISP. He was then fired after being discovered hacking into customer accounts; even after this, Dayton has a long history of identity theft and other computer crimes. He has served a grand total of 6 months and 4 days in jail (non-consecutively). He joined John Brown's Army (JBA) in 2007 as a means to getting back at his 'tormentors'.[1]

2008: Red Mercury Plot[]

During Sam Fisher's infiltration into the JBA in 2008, Stanley Dayton had developed a hacking program for Enrica Villablanca for use during the operation to test a bomb on the Cozumel cruise ship. After the Kinshasa operation, the entire JBA Headqarters compound went into lock down following the capture of a suspicious individual snooping around the perimeters and SWAT forces that had surrounded the building. With Carson Moss sent off-site by Emile Dufraise to take a Coast Guard boat with one of the Red Mercury bombs, the rest of the JBA members stood ground inside of the compound, including Stanley Dayton. Dayton was busy in the computer room, preparing things when Sam Fisher, intent on disabling the last Red Mercury bomb locating underground, grabbed Dayton. After interrogating him, Fisher killed Dayton and moved to the lower levels to disarm Emile's bomb.



Has antagonistic relationships with entire inner circle, with possible exception of Enrica Villablanca. Cowardly, sarcastic, and weak. Has a big mouth but frequently fails to back it up.

Medical Record[]

Dayton is a relatively sickly individual and can be said to be in the worst health of any member of the JBA. Plagued by chronic nightmares, he routinely suffers from numerous ailments and aches and pains. On more than one occasion he has been accused of being a hypochondriac.[1]


Stanley Dayton is the systems administrator for the JBA. He is responsible for all computer equipment and peripherals, including those that support the nuclear device project. He is a member of Dufraisne's inner circle.[1]


  • Dayton is the only core JBA member that appears only in version 1 of Double Agent, in version 2 he is replaced by B.J. Sykes, who only appears in version 2.
  • Dayton has numerous tattoos on his arms.
  • Although Sam is able to knock out Dayton non-lethally, Splinter Cell: Conviction script writer Richard Dansky confirmed that killing him is the canon choice.[2]
  • Dayton can be found in the server room in the final part of the mission, you can see him running toward the server room while Emile order the JBA to arm themselves.
  • On the last level, the player can interrogate Dayton to find out where Dufraisne is by simply grabbing him — he doesn't fight back like Dufraisne or Moss, but he will shoot you on sight. Sam can then incapacitate Dayton either by killing him or knocking him out, although the canon choice is to kill him. Either choice allows Sam to scan his retina.
  • Dayton talks in his sleep.
    • This is one way Sam is able to record his voice.
    • He has nightmares about childhood spankings as he says "No, mommy, not the hairbrush!"

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