St. Petersburg Banya is a Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction cooperative campaign and Deniable Ops map. Taking place in Nevsky Prospekt in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the map involves four areas centered around the banya, a Russian sauna or steam bath. While the banya itself is indoors, there are two areas that take place in outdoor areas, leaving plenty of room to maneuver. The main locations is both the banya and connecting nightclub.

Layout Edit

Canal Entrance Edit

The first zone, the canal entrance, remains as the outside area of the front of the building. Fenced in, lights illuminate very little of the outside area, which itself features a small gazebo and plenty of waist-height walls that guard the gazebo, providing cover. The outside possesses grass and a walled area along the canals that pass along the side of the entrance. The building entrance provides two entries: the front door, which leads up a set of staircases to the second floor. The second entry is can be reached by climbing the water popes along the front of the face of the building. The first room contains a single light with multiple tables and other cover that populate the room.

Steam Baths Edit

The steam baths are very confined quarters until they open up into two larger areas that are initially illuminated, although much of the lights can be disabled. The confined areas are hallways and small steam bath rooms, or rooms with equipment or showers populating the space.

Vice Den Edit

The Vice den is a large section that consists a large hall with two staircases and a balcony, a large garden with ornaments that connects to the restaurant. There is also the back of it that leads to the kitchen which heads straight to the basement.

Basement Edit

The basement is where Valentin Lesovsky owns a private bar with a lounge and small dance stage. There are small parts with shelves an office and a line of beds where more sinister things happen.

Garage Edit

The garage is a more crummy basement part with a link of pipes grounding furnaces and boilers. There is a toilet room and a main parking area where a truck is parked. There is also Lesovsky's back office with a tevelision and sofa.

Trivia Edit

  • The location of this map is revealed in the first level of the cooperative campaign mission, where the text of the location of the banya is revealed to the player.
  • Promotional art of Splinter Cell: Conviction shows the Steam Baths area where Archer and Kestrel are shown with the body of Boris Sychev, having just been killed by the duo.


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