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Splinter Cell Blacklist Spider-Bot is a mobile game developed by Soap Creative and published by Ubisoft Entertainment. It was released for free on June 10, 2013 as a tie-in to Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. The mobile game follows the Fourth Echelon Spider-Bot as it undergoes a series of top secret missions to collect intelligence.

The game was updated in mid-July 2013 to include the Stealth Bot, which can cloak itself. The objectives also change, and varies from collecting intel to picking up a dead drop. The Stealth Bot can stun its target. The next update came on August 19, the day before Blacklist released. It unlocks the Strike Bot, used in a mode where enemies keep spawning. After wave 5 a large, heavily armed drone appears. After earning enough funds, players can unlock Alpha Goggles and Alpha Boots.

The game was retired as of January 2016, and neither it nor the Alpha Goggles or Alpha Boots are available.





  1. Avoid capture
  2. Collect Intel
  3. Exit the room


The goal of the Spider-Bot is to avoid capture from drones and collect Intel. Drones are typically located in a stationary position around the level, chasing the player if they get too close. To destroy them (and gain additional points) the player has to lead the drones that chase them into laser traps; laser traps will activate a short moment after the player crosses them. Laser traps will destroy enemy drones, but will also harm the player if they are caught in the beams. Collecting Intel throughout the map is the goal of the game, and once all Intel is collected the player has to exit the map through an exit. Every fifth mission is a a bonus round where the Spider-bot is chased through a hallway by enemy drones.


  • Drones

These drones will go active only if the Spider-Bot is near them and will chase him relentlessly unless he passes through a laser beam that will destroy them. They are counted towards the score for killing all of them.

  • Stationery Turret

An automatic gun turret that can rotate 360 meters and is able to attack the Spider-Bot if it stands on the indicated red area where the turret is put.

  • Engineers

Men holding SMGs that patrol the areas. They will chase the Spider-Bot once spotted, but cannot move through tight or small spaces.

Available Power-ups

  • Intel Magnet

Creates a field of magnetism that attracts all intel.

  • Time Lapse

Renders the surroundings of the Spider-Bot slow enough to run twice as fast.

  • EMP Pulse

Disperses an electromagnetic pulse that disables turrets and drones. Drones that were active will return to their original position.



  1. Avoid detection
  2. Intercept scientist & collect Intel
  3. Exit the room


The goal of Stealth-Bot is to remain undetected through 48 levels, knock out the scientist, and collect his Intel. When players move the Spider-Bot near the scientist, the scientist will be knocked out by a Sticky Shocker, allowing them to retrieve the Intel. Once the Intel is obtained, players must exit the level through an air vent. The Stealth-Bot is equipped with a cloaking device that can be used to evade or pass through undetected. In order to get the perfectionist on each level, it must get the intelligence and leave undetected, leave without having the security find the scientist unconscious and never use the cloaking device.


  • Engineers.

These people patrol designated areas in each level and have a laser on their guns. The laser turns orange when they notice the Stealth-Bot and red once it has been found. Watch for the red hexagon with a face that indicates an engineer nearby.

  • Cameras

These stationery devices are observing certain areas and will sound the alarm if the Stealth-Bot is spotted in its yellow field. A console nearby indicated with a yellow square with a camera will shut them down by hacking.

  • Security Lasers

These red beams will set off the alarm once passed through. They have a on/off sequence so watch the motion in order to slip by. A console nearby indicated with a red square with a laser will shut them down by hacking.

  • Explosive Mines

These traps scattered on the ground will damage the Stealth-Bot and alert presence once stepped on. Watch your step.

  • Scientist

The target mission of the Stealth-Bot. He will be walking around his lab while humming some tunes. The Stealth-Bot must stun him with the Sticky Shocker to retrieve the Intel. Guards and cameras will be on alert if they find him unconscious so beware where or when to stun him. Additionally he will shout if he sees the Stealth-Bot.


  • Vent ducts

There are channels of vents around each course. The Stealth-Bot can enter them through a white pad that will lower it down to the vents. Useful to find shortcuts or evade conflict.

  • Vending Machines

Random Vending machines are placed marked with a blue square. Hacking them can create a temporary distraction for engineers.

  • Crawl Spaces

There are small holes indicated with a green luminescent light that works as a shortcut for the Stealth-Bot.

Available Power-ups.

  • Cloaking Power

Replenishes the cloaking device's bar.



  1. Kill everything that moves.


The goal of Strike-Bot is to survive in a circular-type arena against waves of enemy bots utilizing the Strike-Bot's machine gun attachment. Enemies will drop Intel which the Strike-Bot can pickup and enhance his firepower capabilities. Every now and then a central core will activate sending a beam of lasers that the Strike-Bot must shut down. Every five rounds, the engineers will send a boss drone that is hard to destroy, carrying new weapons. Once the boss is destroyed, the Strike-Bot can obtain it's dropped weaponry.


  • Small Drone

A basic drone that will electrocute the Strike-Bot when nearby. Drops one Intel point.

  • Large Drone

A bigger and more durable counterpart of the small drone that will electrocute the Strike-Bot when nearby. Drops two Intel points.

  • Small Rolling Drone

A ball-like drone that is faster than a normal small drone that will electrocutes the Strike-Bot when nearby. Drops one Intel point.

  • Large Rolling Drone

A bigger and durable counterpart of the small rolling drone that will electrocute the Strike-Bot when nearby. Drops one Intel point.

  • Kamikaze Hover Drone

A drone that detonates once it reaches the Strike-Bot. It functions like a drone in the Blacklist main game. One shot disables it, the next one will explode it. Drops one Intel point.

  • Carrier Drone

A silo-like drone armed with a turret that goes around the arena and sends out Small Rolling Drones.

  • Boss Drone

A formidable drone that is send every five rounds in the arena. It is armed with a turret and a new weapon the first few times then alters with two different kinds once all weapons are obtained. It will hunt the Strike-Bot relentlessly but slowly. Hitting its backside will kill it quickly. Drops up to nine Intel points.

  • Mini-Boss Drone

A smaller counterpart of the Boss Drone armed with a turret that will hunt the Strike-Bot relentlessly but slowly. Comes in two sizes. Hitting its backside will kill it quickly. Drops up to six Intel points.

  • Central Core

In the middle of the arena there is a core that consists of its source and three lasers. Every twenty seconds the floors green lines with light up until it reaches the end of the sides. The central core activates it's lasers that rotate 360 meters that reach towards the walls and will damage the Strike-Bot as it passes through. Running around or hiding behind the hangars is a way to avoid them. Shooting the lasers eye will deactivate the central core and sends a burst of EMP around the arena that will destroy every drone except the Boss.

  • Static Floor Panels

More like an environmental hazard, some square floor panels will turn white as they are charging then red unleashing a static jolt that will damage all drones that step on.

Available Power-ups

  • Bubble Shield

A blue power-up that creates a shield, protecting the Strike-Bot from any kind of damage.

  • Health Pack

A red power-up that replenishes all of Strike-Bot's health bars.

  • Rolling Thunder

A yellow power-up that shifts the Strike-Bot into an invincible ball and will destroy all drones, including the Boss and Central Core lasers, once the timer ends it will revert back while bursting with electromagnetic pulse.


  • Famas

Strike-Bots basic weapon. A machine gun that fire with high speed. Upgrades will increase damage. Overcharged will send another two hails of bullets that rotate back and forth.

  • M3

A shotgun that fires two slugs with a delayed reloading sequence. Upgrades will increase damage. Overcharged will fire another charge behind the Strike-Bot.

  • Plasma

A gun that fires fast blue bolts that increase fire rate with each consequent shot, similar to the Famas but faster. Upgrades increase fire rate and damage. Overcharged sends another hail behind.

  • Proton

A rod gun that sends a red beam that damages enemies on contact. Upgrades increase damage and will redirected its beam to additional enemies. Overcharged creates an electrical storm near the Strike-Bot.

  • Frag

A grenade launcher that fires frag balls that bounce a little and explode with splash damage. Upgrades increase fire rate. Overcharged will give a napalm effect, making blazes of fire around the arena.

  • RPG

A launcher that fires rockets damaging enemies from afar. Upgrades increase damage and give a homing effect on enemies. Overcharged gives maximum fire rate.



  • The Spider-Bot is actually never mentioned in Splinter Cell: Blacklist, although the currency is transferred over when players are signed into Uplay. The only remote drone players use in Blacklist is the Tri-Rotor.
  • The Spider-Bot is only seen at the Paladin in Charlie's workshop by his desk.