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Spies are one of the two opposing sides in the Splinter Cell series multiplayer mode Spies vs Mercs. Nimble, quick, and covert, Spies specialize in stealth, while their counterparts, the Mercenaries, specialize in assault tactics.


Spies play from a third-person view, thus they have more of a tactical perspective than Mercenaries. They have the ability to climb the environment, such as pipes and crawl through vents. They also have the ability to hang from ledges and see around corners without exposing themselves. Spies can use the cover of darkness to conceal themselves from the enemy, with help from their Shadowblend ability. Spies are very agile, but lack the ability to use heavy assault weapons and armor meaning they have to sneak up on their enemies or strike from a vertical perspective to surprise them.

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  • Spies appear in two modes depending on the game, either Spy vs. Mercs or Spy vs. Spies.
    • Pandora Tomorrow, Chaos Theory, Double Agent and Blacklist (Xbox 360/PS3/PC) have the Spy vs. Mercs mode.
    • Essentials and Double Agent (Xbox/PS2) have the Spy vs. Spy mode.
  • The Echelon spies are generally just called "Spy" or "Spy Girl" in Double Agent (Version 2) and sometimes simply "SPY".
  • One of the Spy vs. Spy modes in Double Agent (Xbox/PS2), Sam vs. All, pits Upsilon against Sam Fisher. The lone wolf Sam Fisher must hack into computers defended by an Upsilon spy team. Sam Fisher lacks most of his equipment from single player campaign and is limited to equipment nearly identical to that carried by Third Echelon spies.

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