Sonar mode

Sam Fisher uses the Sonar vision to detect other people in the environment, through the walls.

Sonar vision is a vision mode that uses sonic pulses and an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) controller device that penetrates through objects and walls through the environment, providing a modified visual display of the current surroundings. Sonar vision was a mode used by Third Echelon's Sonar Goggles, as well as multiple Fourth Echelon Goggle types for various situations.

Overview Edit

Sonar vision grants the user the ability to identify people (and able to decypher an armed target and civilian) as well as detect hostile objects of interest, such as explosives. The sonar vision also has the ability to detect security measures, such as security lasers and surveillance cameras, to better assess the situation awareness. Sonar vision can be a huge tactical modifier for the user, allowing them to better plan their next move. Sonar vision combines both night vision capabilities with the advanced ability to detect hostile sources as well.

Advantages Edit

The sonar vision mode displays all hostiles and objects of interest in the environment in a preset radius around the user. This makes it so the user can see hostiles and plan ahead, even so much as being able to Mark enemies or objects to track them easier. There are some versions of sonar vision that show footprints in on the ground, showing

Disadvantages Edit

Despite being able to provide some degree of night vision for the user, by illuminating the environment in a toned color, it's night vision is not as good as traditional night vision goggles. Additionally, the player's vision is distorted during movement of any kind, obstructing the display and leaving them vulnerable for a short time span.

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The Sonar vision used by Sonar goggle-wearing spies

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