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  1. Sonar Goggles
Ultra High-Frequency Sonar Goggles as seen in Splinter Cell: Conviction
Official Name Ultra High-Frequency Sonar Goggles
Type Experimental Vision Device
Developer Third Echelon
Used By Splinter Cells
Notable User(s) Archer
Sam Fisher
Preceded By Multi-Vision Goggles
Appearances Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

The Ultra High-Frequency Sonar Goggles (also known simply as "Sonar Goggles") are a new generation of goggles issued to Splinter Cells by Third Echelon that appeared in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. They succeed the prototype Multi-Vision Goggles. The Sonar Goggles were used by Third Echelon Splinter Cell Archer, Voron field operative Kestrel, Sam Fisher, and other Third Echelon Splinter Cells during the Third Echelon Conspiracy.


Splinter Cell: Conviction[]

Now a renegade, Sam Fisher can no longer rely on his trusted bag of tools and iconic goggles. Replacing the multichrome green tri-focal goggles Fisher is known for are new Sonar Goggles.[1] Sam received a pair of these goggles from Charlie Fryman while infiltrating the Third Echelon Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist[]

Fisher also had access to them as the lead agent of Fourth Echelon during the time of the Blacklist attacks.[2] He continued to use them afterward. At one point he wished he had access to the tech, but believed skills beat out technology.[3]

Technical Infomation[]


Sonar Goggles on Sam's pop.

The Ultra High Frequency Sonar Goggles use sonic pulses, combined with an advanced AI controller, that penetrate through objects and walls to provide an enhanced visual representation of the engagement zone. In other words, with the Sonar Goggles, an individual can literally see through walls to identify humans - discriminating between armed targets and civilians - detect explosives[4] and other obstacles in his way.[5] According to Fryman, the pair given to Sam Fisher were better than the version that the new Splinter Cells were getting, allowing Sam to see in the dark, see through walls, and see security lasers.

Sam uses the Sonar goggles.

The Sonar mode's chief drawback, like MVG's multi-vision modes, being accurately 50% of the time due to downtime between echoed-bursts, and is only moderately clear when Fisher is crouched-moving or perfectly clear when standing still; also theoretically, similar "high-frequencies pollution" could be used to "disrupt/jam" the goggles (which would help explain the downtime). This mode is a replacement from its predecessor's multi-vision functions (no night vision, no heat vision, no electronic vision).

Environmental Hazards such as fuel drums or fire extinguishers also appear in white on Sonar Goggles. Rapid movement causes the signal to noise ratio of Sonar Goggles to be very low (making it more difficult to see).

Sam can encounter enemies (i.e. Splinter Cells in Conviction) utilizing the Sonar Goggles, hearing the notable start-up ping when they turn them on. This allows them to find him even in the dark or/and in cover, although he can rehide between bursts. The Sonar Goggles' lenses are somewhat stubbier than the three lenses on the Multi-Vision Goggles. Especially the top-center lens.



  • Instead of the traditional Multi-Vision Goggles worn by Agents One and Two, the Splinter Cells in Conviction wear the tri-lensed, monocular Sonar goggles (pictured).

The goggles worn by the Splinter Cells in Conviction.

  • Each of the suits offered in Conviction have different Sonic Goggles in different shapes and models (some disguised to look like other types of goggles).
  • Sam's goggles in Conviction are the Sonar Goggles. Both Kestrel and Archer use Sonar Goggles as well, however the goggles used by Kestrel only have two lenses on one eye.
  • Archer and Sam are the only major characters equipped with green Sonar goggles, the others are red.
  • The Sonar Goggles included with the Shadow Armor have a single monocular lens.
  • The Sonar Goggles on the VR Akali armor have four red lenses.
  • Apparently, the Sonar Goggles used by the more elite Splinter Cells are less sophisticated than the pair given to Sam, as his had the added programming of being able to see laser security grids, Sam's version is probably the most advanced at the time of the events in Conviction.
  • The Sonar goggles used by Splinter Cells can only detect Sam's current location (thus leaving a "last known location" when they active the goggles), but it cannot track Sam's movements. The latest version used by Sam, can track enemy moment with no problem. Also, modified by Fryman, this goggle can detect laser alarm that can trigger the turrets, and spot active security cameras from a distance.
    • However, the goggle used by Archer and Kestrel can track enemy movements and see security laser grids and active turrets as well.
    • The Sonar goggle used by NPCs has an activation sound, which is identical to the sound of the Multi-vision goggles.
  • Despite the manual stating that Sonar Goggles allow Sam to distinguish between friend and foe, this feature is apparently absent in the released game. However, it is actually possible to indirectly use the goggles to recognize a friendly by using it in conjunction with the Mark & Execute System. A friendly target or an interrogation target cannot be marked/executed, regardless of whether or not you already performed a close-combat kill.
  • Sonar Goggles similar to Kestrel's appear in Tom Clancy's HAWX 2, used by Drachev (codename Wolfhound), seen in various cutscenes.
  • The Multi-Vision goggles return in Blacklist has a function similar to Sonar Goggles, you need to purchase this upgrade though.
  • In Splinter Cell: Blacklist, equipping Ambient Sonar Goggles with Classic Green Lights and Urban Camo will recreate a very close version of Sam's Sonar Goggles from Conviction.
    • The Ambient Sonar Goggles alone (with Classic Green Lights) also closely resembles the black variation featured on the 3E Urban Tracker.
  • Grand Theft Auto Online's Doomsday Heist DLC has players gearing up in black tactical uniforms with green glowing goggles that strike a resemblance to the Sonar Goggles.


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