"Someone got a Smoke Grenade for Christmas!"
― Guards in Chaos Theory

A smoke grenade is a non-lethal device that creates a thick cloud of smoke used to obscure visual confirmation from enemies or signal overhead aircraft for various reasons.

"This grenade gives off a cloud of smoke when it explodes. The cloud enables you to move forward without being spotted."
― Chaos Theory in-game description

Function[edit | edit source]

The Smoke Grenade is useful for evading, escaping or ambushing opponents. It is ideal for crossing large, open areas and providing cover when there may not be any. If the "smoke zone" isn't large enough, additional thrown Smoke Grenades may be required to provide greater coverage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Personnel encountered in Chaos Theory and Double Agent are smart enough to identify a thrown Smoke Grenade and will attempt to avoid the smoke.
    • One exception is in Kinshasa mission in version 1 of Double Agent, enemies fighting each other will ignore the smoke grenade.
  • Smoke Grenades in Pandora Tomorrow will NOT save you from Automated Turrets, only the Flare will distract it's aim.
  • However, you can use Smoke Grenades to confuse Automated Turrets in Chaos Theory, doing this will attract nearby NPCs though.
  • Oddly, the North Korean soldiers will say the Christmas-related comment when they see the smoke grenade coming, there are no such festival as Christmas in North Korea in real life.
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