Site F is the final campaign mission in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, this mission also known as "American Blood", the last blacklist attack.

The mission takes place at Site F of Denver International Airport, where Majid Sadiq has successfully taken a group of high level civilian and military personnel, including the Secretary of Defense, hostage.

Summary Edit

Fourth Echelon calls President Caldwell, who directly orders Fourth Echelon to divert from Denver. The Paladin pilots refuse to defy orders, so Sam Fisher orders Andriy Kobin to relieve the pilots of duty. Kobin successfully drops Briggs and Sam during a blackout landing at Denver. Briggs and Sam assault DIA, tasked with planting a virus which Charlie custom-built to safeguard against the transfer of files to Sadiq. Briggs surrenders to Sadiq in the computer terminal, separated from the other hostages. Sadiq's men torture the Secretary of Defense into complying with their demands, but Briggs intervenes, killing the Secretary before he can begin the data transfer.

The Engineers attempts to flee Site F using Briggs and the other hostages as human shields, with the intent of capturing the C-147B Paladin. It is revealed that Sam is disguised in an Air Force uniform at the very rear of the hostage group. Sam breaks free from his captors as Delta Force marksmen open fire on Sadiq and his men, and Sadiq escapes on foot after wounding Briggs. An unarmed Sam gives chase, disarming and assaulting Sadiq, before wounding him and taking him into custody. Even upon defeat, Sadiq claims that he has already "won", threatening Sam that if he kills him, the twelve nations who are secretly backing The Engineers will rise and if he puts him on trial, he will "spill every secret he knows". Leaving him with no choice, Sam employs the Fifth Freedom and unofficially imprisons Sadiq, while President Caldwell announces that he is killed and the game ends with Fourth Echelon prepares to continue operations.

In the post-credits, it is revealed that Victor Coste had recovered from his injuries and both he and Sam are seen about to interrogate the captive Sadiq.

Trivia Edit

  • Putting a body in between the door leading to the War Room (The series of rooms in which you need to insert the three flash drives and a final fourth one to sabotage the bunker systems) forces the door to stay open, though the body will disappear. This leads to the result that you can walk through the spacing left, allowing you to go back to the small room before the door. The large space before it has already been removed, and moving into the black void makes you fall three times before dying. It shows that Sam Fisher and Isaac Briggs had a falling animation which wasn't used by default.


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