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Shawn Robertson was a high-ranking officer at Black Arrow and served as one of Tom Reed's allies in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. He was voiced by Danny Blanco-Hall.


2011: Third Echelon Conspiracy[]

Robertson was first seen at the Price Airfield with Colonel Jeremy Prentiss, Tom Reed, Anna Grímsdóttir and a pilot named Oscar Laboy. They were transporting ex-Splinter Cell Sam Fisher to one of the hanger areas for interrogation. After Reed killed Oscar, he told Prentiss and Robertson to get their Black Arrow personnel ready. After recieving their orders, both Prentiss and Robertson exit the area and leave the airfield.

Robertson is then later seen at White Box Technologies along with Prentiss as they keep watch over the scientist working on the EMP devices. After one of the scientists begins complaining, Prentiss shoots and kills the scientist and Prentiss heads to the Michigan Avenue Reservoir with another. Robertson stays at White Box to supervise the killing of the remaining scientists in the building. Robertson is next seen in his office getting data from his computer. When Sam is on his way to activate the EMP device, Robertson, from the bulletproof surveillance room, orders the Black Arrow mercenaries to kill Sam. After Sam eliminated them, Robertson taunts Sam from behind the glass, believing him to be safe. Sam triggers the EMP causing the electrical shock to electrocute and combust Robertson, killing him in the process.


  • In the concept art, Robertson is seen holding two combat knives, however he is never seen holding them in the Splinter Cell: Conviction campaign.
    • Additionally, just like Jeremy Prentiss, he is never encountered during the gameplay sections of Conviction, just through cutscenes.
    • The In game model shows him having three battle scars. One on his mouth and two over his forehead.