Sergei Torbinsky was a Russian criminal who appeared in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction.

He worked as a bagman for Valentin Lesovsky. When Lesovsky has guests, Sergei will work from the kitchen of Lesovsky's mansion in St. Petersburg, Russia. While on a mission to investigate the theft of four Russian EMP warheads, Third Echelon agent Archer and Voron agent Kestrel infiltrate Lesovsky's mansion. While in search of his contact list, Archer and Kestrel are ordered to interrogate Sergei for information. They burst into the kitchen and interrogate him for information. They then use Sergei to gain entry into the neighbouring brothel; they have him knock on the door and announce to the guard that he needs to see the boss. Immediately after the door opens, Archer and Kestrel kill the guard and Sergei.



  • Sergei's last name is only revealed in the credits.
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