Seoul 3 is the third cooperative campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Agent One and Agent Two are deployed into a warzone to extract the double agent Jong Pom-Chu.

Mission Information Edit

Goals Edit

Primary Objectives Edit

  • Capture Jong Pom-Chu
  • Find out where Jong is
  • Destroy the two anti-aircraft systems
  • Get to the cyber cafe where Jong is being protected
  • Get to extraction with Jong

Opportunity Objectives Edit

  • Interrogate the North Korean officer to find out where Jong is
  • Sabotage the engine on Jong's boat

Notes Edit

  • Jong must remain alive
  • Gunfire may not be directed at you, there is a war going on
  • You can disable a turret using the jammer
  • The code for the backdoor is 7649
  • Jong will escape by boat
  • Disable the tanks by climbing on one another's shoulders

Data Edit

Main article: Data/Seoul 3


LAMBERT - This one should be a cake-walk. Jong Pom-chu is a South Korean chemist, suspected to be working for the North Korean Cabinet Intelligence Bureau. CIA has recently flagged him as someone with the capability to manufacture chemical and biological weapons. If what you discovered in Panama is true, and Jong has been bribing Senor de Medeiros to move illegal cargo through the Canal Zone, odds are good he also has the tools and ingredients. I need you to abduct Jong from Seoul before North Korean forces manage to pick him up and sneak him out of the country.

Jong Pom-chu is a North Korean spy who may have knowledge about illegal biological weapons programs. He must be abducted from a hotel in Seoul before the invading North Korean Army is able to secure him and get him to safety.


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