Seoul is the eighth solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Splinter Cell agent Sam Fisher is deployed in Seoul, South Korea to recover the National Data Trunk before the North Koreans find it and justify their invasion into South Korea. After recovering the data, however, the aircraft used to transfer the data was shot down before the data was purged.


The attack that sank the Walsh could not be traced back further than the South Korean National Data Trunk. Drives must be recovered from the NDT before North Korean troops get them and justify their invasion and occupation of South Korea.

The data from the NDT was successfully transferred back to Third Echelon for analysis. Unfortunately, the plane that was rebroadcasting the information was shot down before it could be purged. That data must not fall in North Korean hands.

Mission InformationEdit


Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Locate and retrieve data drives from the NDT. — The national data trunk surfaces at a switching station in central Seoul. Recover the drives from the station to discover if the attack on the Walsh originated in South Korea.
  • Interrogate a special forces agent to determine the location of Jong. — Third Echelon operatives operating elsewhere in Seoul need you to interrogate nearby special forces. The mission will be aborted if they die before interrogation.
  • Get to the rooftop to transfer the data to the EA-6B. — Broadcast the data from the NDT drives from the roof of the building to an EA-6B using a point-to-point secure laser communication link to prevent data interception.
  • Prevent data aboard the EA-6B from being recovered by North Korea. — The remnants of the data aboard the EA-6B must not fall into North Korean hands. Either recover the data, or ensure it cannot be recovered by the NKA.
  • Get to the EA-6B crash site. — Proceed east from the rooftop of the telecommunications building to locate the wreckage of the downed EA-6B.
  • Designate the wreckage of the EA-6B for aerial bombardment. — The data aboard the downed EA-6B is not recoverable. Take a position atop the scaffolding to the west of the crash site and laser designate the wreckage for an air strike.

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

  • Tap a mobile command center. — Enter and tap a North Korean MCC to give Third Echelon access to the North Korean command networks.

Opportunity ObjectivesEdit

  • Stop the North Korean propaganda broadcasts. — Disabling loud speakers broadcasting North Korean propaganda would dramatically improve the morale of allied troops.
  • Disable portable radar reconnaissance receivers. — The NKA is using portable radar reconnaissance receivers (P3Rs) to coordinate ground mapping and tracking of allied targets. Disable any P3Rs you can find.
  • Gain information about NK UAV's — North Korea has unveiled their new unmanned aerial vehicles. They have extremely advanced technology. Try to recover a technical specification for Third Echelon.

Bonus Objectives Edit

  • Rescue the EA-6B pilots.
  • Disable all type 86 battle tanks to aid in crippling North Korean advance.


  • The data drives are located in the switching room of the NDT building.
  • Watch out for innocent-looking booby traps.
  • The only way to reach the roof of the building is via the elevator.
  • There is ammo beside the P3R on the office roof.
  • There is a medical kit in the basement of the restaurant.
  • Do not kill any South Korean troops.
  • IFV's can be destroyed by lobbing a grenade in an open hatch.
  • Laser designate the EA-6B from atop the scaffold at the end of the street.


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Mission OverviewEdit

After investigating the missile battery, Third Echelon is able to determine that the origin of the command which launched the missile which sank the Walsh could be traced no further back than the South Korean National Data Trunk. Fisher is ordered to retrieve the data for analysis, and to keep it out of the hands of the North Koreans.

Fisher is successfully able to infiltrate the data trunk and retrieve the drives containing the DVORAK-originated launch authorization, mere moments before North Korean troops storm the data trunk. He is then ordered to make his way to the roof, where the data from the drives is to be remotely transmitted to an EA-6B airship, designated to assist with the mission. The transfer is successful, but the EA-6B encounters heavy anti-aircraft fire, and the plane is shot down. Fisher is then ordered to retrieve the intel aboard the plane, as North Korea retrieving it and discovering its contents would point blame at South Korea, and validate the NKA's invasion of the country. Along the way, Fisher is able to assist the South Korean war effort by neutralizing North Korean tanks and thinning out their armor support, gathering technical specifications on North Korean UAV reconnaissance drones, and shutting down North Korean propaganda broadcasts, increasing troop morale among U.S. and South Korean forces.

Fisher finds the EA-6B, heavily damaged from the crash. He is able to determine that the intel aboard the plane is unsalvageable, and the plane along with its data must be destroyed before it falls into enemy hands. Fisher is also given the option to save the pilots from being incinerated along with the plane, in spite of Lambert telling him that his actions are not necessary and will not result in any form of reward or recognition. Whether Fisher decided to rescue the pilots or not, he eventually makes his way to the top of a nearby scaffolding, where he designates the remains of the EA-6B for a bombing run. He then successfully exfiltrates.

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  • At the beginning of the mission, Sam can grab a toy in the bedroom that makes squeaky noises when thrown.
    • Also seen in this room is an open padded case, likely carried Sam's equipment.
  • In another room at the beginning of the mission, there is a radio that plays the music heard in Spicy Stiks, the restaurant in the Chinese Embassy (Part 2) mission in the first Splinter Cell.
  • An un-exploded bomb can be seen stuck in the ground close to where the NK special forces soldiers are.
    • A second un-exploded bomb is found further on in the level with two worried North Korean soldiers.
  • If the player advances without interrogating a North Korean special forces soldier they will be killed by a large explosion.
    • Killing the North Korean solders without interrogating them will result in instant mission failure.
  • Despite the NK special forces soldiers having NVGs on their heads, they don't use them when looking in the dark. Likely due to them being unable to put them over their gas masks.
  • The North Korean propaganda broadcasts can also be disabled by shooting the speakers.
  • Switching Room Of The NDT Building — the secret code is unknown, the door is blown up by a soldier and the input panel stops working. But the soldiers can be stopped and the code can only be found out by manual selection — 0815 [Xbox/PC/PS3 only].
  • There's a teddy bear-hidden wallmine near the first MCC. The mission notes warn you about innocent looking booby traps.
  • The Reconnaissance Receivers can also be disabled by shooting the blue devices attached to the laptops.
  • The plane used to rebroadcast the National Data Trunk drier was the Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowler, an actual aircraft used by the U.S. Marine Corps. Although there can be a pilot and three Electric Countermeasure Officers, it isn't uncommon for just a pilot and one officer to be aboard (as seen in this mission). The plane's callsign is "Moondog," a reference to the 3rd Marine Tactical Electronics Warfare Squadron (VMAQ-3) based out of Cherry Point, North Carolina, who are known as the Moondogs.
  • This mission first introduces the Unidentified North Korean UAV (a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). They can be jammed using the OCP and even destroyed using the Sniper attachment of the SC-20K M.A.W.S.. They can also be destroyed using the Shotgun attachment if Fisher is close enough. They emit out a spotlight and are not affected by most environments, making them a tough enemy to evade. The spotlight will be red when operating in search mode, and will be white when either recovering from an OCP jam, or during combat.
    • These UAVs are equipped with machine guns/miniguns and are very accurate, meaning a firefight with them can be quite difficult.
  • This mission also introduces the Unidentified North Korean IFV, an infantry vehicle that has a soldier manning a machine gun with a cannon located directly underneath. They can be destroyed by throwing a grenade into an open hatch, and the soldier on top will not count as a kill in the statistics of the mission.
  • NKPA and South Korean forces will be in multiple firefights against each other in the streets of Seoul through both mission parts. Although South Korean forces are considered allies to the United States, the soldiers in this level don't know that Fisher is friendly and will immediately open fire on him if spotted.
    • Both soldiers can be interrogated while preventing a shootout.
    • It should also be noted that if a South Korean soldier is killed by the player, the mission rating will automatically drop to 0% and stay there. But it will not fail the mission like previous games.
  • A glitch occurs on the PS3 HD version where the lower half of the two plane pilots are missing when you first find them.
  • Unlike the other missions in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, this mission is actually split into two parts: the first part tasks Fisher with transmitting the data, while the second part has Fisher destroying the data before it can be recovered by the North Koreans.
  • This can be considered the first mission in the Splinter Cell game series to take place during an active war zone between two opposing nations.
  • In the game files, there are additional dialogues that are not in the finished game. In one instance, Sam Fisher speaks with a South Korean soldier captured by the North Koreans. The POW gives Sam Fisher some intel.
  • The Co-op mission Seoul 3 takes place at the same time and roughly the same location. Sam interrogates a NK special forces soldier to provide intel for the other Splinter Cells to find Jong.



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