Email 1[edit | edit source]

From: Sascha Vucovic

To: All

Date: 02 Feb 2008

Subject: IMPORTANT: Fire on board

Attention, everyone - I know it's very tempting when you catch something out of the ice to have a little grilling session. That's all well and good, but do not - I repeat, do not - do so on board. Our cargo is highly flammable, and any open flame could trigger a disaster. So roast your walrus on shore, if you must roast it at all.

Email 2[edit | edit source]

From: Anton Pontekorvo

To: Leonid Vasiliev

Date: 31 Jan 2008

Subject: RE: Am I crazy?

You're not crazy, the captain is losing it. The other night, I saw him on deck, naked, with a bottle of vodka, yelling at the weather. This is my last job, I swear. I'm going to take the money and get myself a nice little place in California. Screw Russia. I never want to see snow again.

Email 3[edit | edit source]

From: Leonid Vasiliev

To: Vadim Yulyevich

Date: 04 Fev (sic) 2008

Subject: Ice

So I hear the Americans have this thing called global warming. It means that in twenty years, the ice around the ship will finally melt and we'll get out of here.

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