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Sea of Okhotsk is the fourth solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Undercover NSA agent Sam Fisher is sent by JBA leader Emile Dufraisne to Sea of Okhotsk in eastern Russia to capture the RSS Rublev.

Mission Information Edit

Goals Edit

Assignment Edit

  • JBA: Capture the supertanker - Your objective is to take control of the iced-in Russian supertanker Rublev. Once you have achieved control of it, you will be told what to do next.
  • JBA: Disable the supertanker's crew - In order to secure the Rublev, you will have disable its crew of mercenaries, by either killing or disabling a significant number of them.
  • JBA: Seize the supertanker - Your objective is to seize control of the tanker Rublev. In order to do so, you will need to subdue the captain at all costs, as he is threatening to blow the ship to prevents (sic) its capture.

Primary Objectives Edit

  • JBA: Retrieve equipment - In order to accomplish your tasks on the Rublev, you will need to obtain the equipment that landed on the ice. Get it and you'll be able to start the operation properly.
  • JBA: Use detonators to blow the ice wall - In order to reach the supertanker, you will need to get past the ice wall blocking the way. The crew of the Rublev is using explosives to free the ship; you might be able to use some of their detonators to your advantage.
  • NSA: Contact Lambert - It is vital that Lambert knows what you are doing. Contact him so that he is aware of your position and actions.
  • JBA: Take out bridge crew - At this point, the entire crew is expendable, including the crew on the bridge. You could use Fentanyl on the ventilation system to gas the bridge and disable the crew located there.

Secondary Objectives Edit

  • JBA: Reach the Rublev without alerts - The first step to taking over the Rublev is getting on board without being detected. It is critical to the success of this operation that nobody on the Rublev raise a general alarm (unlocks Wall Mine - Flash).
  • JBA: Seize the Rublev without alerts - If possible, seize the Rublev without triggering a general alert. This will make it easier for you to deal with the guards and crew, as they will be unaware of your presence until it is too late (unlocks Shotgun Shell - Attachment).
  • JBA: Disable communications - Disable the ship's communications in order to keep them from calling for help. No one can know that the Rublev has been taken, or they just might come looking for it.

Notes Edit

  • You will need to make your way to the Rublev by swimming under the ice.
  • The crew uses a lift to raise the Zodiac boats from the water to the deck. It is operated by remote control.
  • You might be able to contact Lambert via the ship's communications system.
  • By using Fentanyl gas on the ventilation traps inside the Rublev's tunnels, you might be able to render most of the crew unconscious.
  • The Captain of the Rublev has fled the bridge and has taken refuge below-decks.
  • The Captain is holding a flare over highly flammable oil. You will have to approach him unaware and grab him from behind, if you are to take him out without endangering the ship. If the Captain sees you, or if you shoot him from afar, he will drop the flare, and detonate the entire ship.

Data Edit

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Mission Overview Edit


Fisher skydives to the infiltration point below.

Sam Fisher stood outside the door of the plane that flew him to the infiltration point, after a few seconds he pushed his equipment crate out of the plane. Fisher then jumped out the side, skydiving towards the insertion area. As he pulls his chute, it fails and he then pulls his emergency chute and safely flows down and lands. Once he lands, Enrica Villablanca chimes in on his communications device and notifies him that he'll have to find his equipment, which should have landed nearby, and recover it. Fisher travels through the clearing where he gets his equipment organized before jumping to the water below. Fisher swims through the water until he eventually gets to a camp controlled by mercenaries. Fisher sabotages the generators and detonates the planted charges throughout the camp, he is then able to continue towards the supertanker.


Upon reaching the RSS Rublev, Carson Moss orders Fisher to take out the whole crew so that Massoud Ibn Yussif's men can take over the ship. Fisher makes his way through the stern and begins neutralizing the soldiers patrolling across the deck. Soon, Enrica orders Fisher to disable the antenna's communications to stop outgoing transmissions from ever being sent out. He continues to the upper tower sections of the ship and contacts Third Echelon Director Irving Lambert before disabling the communications. After the short conversation with his boss, Fisher infiltrates the ventilation room and places a Fentanyl Grenade inside the ship's ventilation system, releasing knock out gas to incapacitate the crew in the interior of the ship.


Sam Fisher sneaks behind the captain of the RSS Rublev, being careful not to have him drop the torch into the ship's fuel.

With the command crew disabled, Fisher heads to the command bridge where the captain of the RSS Rublev is located. Moss contacts Fisher again across the communication radio and orders Fisher to kill the captain. Fisher continued inside the ship and into the bow and then into the boiler room, taking out the remaining crew members along the way. Moss finds out that the captain of the RSS Rublev intends to sink the ship and orders Fisher to kill the captain immediately. The captain lit a flare and intended to sink the ship, he patrolled the catwalks above the fuel tank and would drop the flare if he saw Fisher. Fisher, using stealth, was able to sneak behind the captain and grabbed the captain, neutralizing the threat. After taking out the captain, Fisher returned to the helipad and was extracted from the ship by a JBA helicopter. Emile Dufraisne, impressed with Fisher's work, immediately had Fisher come with him to Shanghai for the next mission.

Trivia Edit

  • The JBA helicopter that extracts Sam Fisher at the end of the mission is a Russian Mil Mi-8.
  • When Carson Moss commands Sam Fisher to provide a 'body count', killing is not necessary. Knocking out the crew members, instead of killing them, counts towards the objective.
    • In fact, killing on Hard difficulty can have a severe impact to the outcome of the mission, the player will get about -200 to -300% of mission rating.
  • During the HALO jump, Sam can open the chute at about 3000 feet. However, its scripted that the main chute will fail, Sam has to use the secondary chute before it's too late.
    • The player has to open the chute before the height reach 1000 feet.
  • Some of the guards in this level carry the AK-101, while others carry the AKM.
  • Words "ОТСУТСТВИЕ КУРИТЬ" ("LACK OF SMOKING") are written on the wheelhouse of the tanker. In russian language this phrase is wrong, correct variant is: "НЕ КУРИТЬ".


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