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The Saulnier Cryogenics Lab is a laboratory in Paris, France that specializes in the field of cryogenics. It is a major location in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.

Overview Edit

Saulnier Cryogenics deals extensively in the research and development of cryogenics, in which humans can be put in a period of prolonged sleep through freezing. This process is also believed to halt the aging process for that time period. Saulnier was known to have accepted the requests of several people to have their brains frozen so that they may reawaken in the future when they saw fit. Their brains were stored in storage devices known as the ND133, and their bodies stored away in a frozen mortuary. The lab contained the frozen bodies of dozens of such clients.


2006: Indonesia Crisis Edit

While investigating the U.S. Embassy in East Timor, which was under siege by the Darah Dan Doa, Third Echelon uncovered evidence for a potential terrorist operation necessitating the infiltration of Saulnier Cryogenics in Paris. Fisher departed for France and enters the lab via an abandoned subway tunnel. Upon entering, Sam discovers that a band of French and Syrian mercenaries have taken control of the lab in their search for an unknown agent. While there, he discovers that the mercenaries have massacred all of the laboratory staff and are destroying the evidence of their attack. As Sam moves through the lab, he discovers that a bomb is set to go off in the boiler room. Sam quickly defuses it and moves on where he quickly gathers information from the lab's computer mainframe.


Sam in the lab.

As Sam makes his way to the front offices, he encounters an increasingly large force of mercenaries before he finally reaches the mortuary. Here, brains are scattered on the floor to reveal that the mercenaries dumped the clients and made off with the ND-133 storage devices. The brains belong to French citizens, possibly some of them being scientists. Irving Lambert orders Sam to track a security guard named François Coldeboeuf, who managed to capture a snapshot of the mercenary leader before being shot and forced to take cover, by locking himself behind a heavily fortified door in the body processing room. He soon finds François trapped in the room where the mercenaries are about to destroy the room with chemical barrels. Fisher is able to obtain the cell phone picture François was able to take and extracted out of the back of the Cryogenics Lab.

Aftermath Edit

It is unknown what became of Saulnier Cryogenics after word of the mercenary attack came out, or if the events of the attack were even disclosed to the public.


  • The male and female morgue bodies found in the level are the exact models of both Alice Madison and Robert Blaustein from the first Splinter Cell title.
  • The Syrian and French mercenaries seemed to have infiltrated the lab through a wall between the lab and a train station. The entrance of the hole was still on fire implying they used explosives to break into the lab.
    • The mercenaries were also incapacitating the staff members of the lab in contrast to Soth who was killing them.
  • The passing train will produce light to the adjacent area, use caution wile hiding there.
  • This is the only mission where Motion Sensors appear.
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