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Saul Berkovitz is an undercover informant and weapons specialist in the employ of the Central Intelligence Agency.


2006: Indonesian Crisis[]

In 2006, during the Darah Dan Doa's military campaign against the United States in the breakaway province of East Timor, Splinter Cell Sam Fisher uncovered evidence that a rogue CIA agent named Norman Soth was working to acquire a biological weapon for Darah Dan Doa leader Suhadi Sadono to use against the American population. After tracking him down in France, Third Echelon allowed Soth to move on to Jerusalem, where he was to acquire the biological agent from a Syrian terrorist cell operating in the city. While Fisher deployed into the city, Saul was contacted by the CIA to modify Sam's SC-20K M.A.W.S., and was to alter the barrel to reduce sonic placement on the battlefield. Saul was given Fisher's weapon and was to have it completed by the time Sam rendezvoused with him to retrieve it.

Before Fisher arrived, however, two armed robbers broke into Saul's shop, apparently having been tipped off about his secret weapons plant. They demanded the guns and the money, threatening to execute him if he refused. Upon witnessing the standoff, Fisher was ordered by CIA consultant Dermot P. Brunton to kill the robbers to ensure that they didn't talk. Fisher killed one robber immediately while the other used Saul as a human shield. Fisher killed him as well and saved Saul. Saul immediately recognized Fisher as an ally and gratefully gave him his newly-modified rifle with a full load of ammunition. Fisher then moved on to meet with Shin Bet Agent Dahlia Tal in his efforts to identify the biological agent.


Not much is known about Saul Berkovitz, besides working as an undercover informant for the CIA. He has expertise in weapon specialization and modification, as shown in his skills in modifying the SC-20K for Sam Fisher.


  • It is possible to knock out the men robbing Saul instead of killing them.
  • After saving Saul, if Fisher talks to him again, Saul will take Sam to a shooting range where he can test his gun. The player can also choose to skip this event completely, as it is entirely optional.
  • "Saul" is Hebrew (Shaul), meaning "ask" or "question".