Safehouse is the second solo campaign level in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Fourth Echelon commander Sam Fisher must locate and find Andriy Kobin inside a CIA safehouse and extract him while Isaac Briggs provides him with sniper support.

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Sam Fisher in his civilian / undercover attire moments before changing into his Ops Suit.

Sam Fisher walks through the streets as civilians run the other way because of the gunfire up ahead. As Sam approaches the CIA safehouse, he discovers that the rebels in the area have taken over the front. A crowd had formed and militia with guns were standing guard in the front forcing Sam to find another location. He contacts Isaac Briggs to provide overwatch for him as he finds another route in. Entering a nearby shop, Sam asks the store owner if he has a bathroom and is promptly pointed to the back of the shop in the alley. As Sam walks to the bathroom, he tosses a coin inside the cup of the bathroom attendant and enters the room. The situation is hot and escalating causing Sam to change into his uniform and put on his equipment for the mission.


Briggs provides overwatch for Sam and draws the rebel's attention.

Sam enters the back alleyway and takes cover near a running truck with two militants and a dead body in the back. Both the rebels have conversation and one of them references an American meaning that Sam must be on the right path. Sam enters the building and heads up the stairs, into another room and climbs to the CIA safe house building. After getting through the few rooms and hallways, Sam comes upon a room containing four rebels and a person tied to a chair in the center of the room. Sam clears the room and makes his way to the hostage, removing the mask but is surprised to see the CIA informant dead in the chair from interrogation. Sam gets frustrated, but then tells Charlie Cole to analyze the informant's phone for information. Charlie is able to pinpoint Kobin's location and discovers that he had been transported to the police station nearby. Sam is given the location of the station and heads out the window, commanding Briggs to provide him with cover fire from the rebels that have moved into the immediate area.


Fisher cuts Kobin free.

Sam enters the police station and finds that the rebels have taken control of the building, much of the inside had been trashed or damaged from firefights and bombs. Sam finds stairs and heads to the interrogation room, finding Kobin being tortured by three rebels. Sam breaches the room and clears out the rebels, rescuing Kobin before they were able to kill him. Kobin, freaked out, is afraid that Sam was going to kill him but is surprised to see him cut off his bonds. Sam grabs the back of his neck area, pushing him towards the ground and uses his other hand to clear the next set of rooms with his weapon. If Fisher and Kobin see detected by the rebels, Fisher must fend off rebel reinforcements before succeeding. They come upon a hole that had been blown into the side of the police station and Briggs just pulls up the van. Sam forces Kobin outside of the window and makes him repel down to the van. Sam follows as well as Briggs picks up Kobin and throws him into the back of the van, and they drive out of the area and back to the Paladin.


  • This is the first mission Andriy Kobin appears in since his last appearance in Splinter Cell: Conviction where Sam interrogated him at the Third Echelon headquarters.
  • Guard dogs make a return in Splinter Cell: Blacklist, making their first appearance in this level. There are two dogs in the level: the first guard dog, however, is not actually owned by any enemy - the dog encountered is just a dog in a fenced area before the police station section. The second dog is just outside the police station before the player infiltrates the building.
  • Night vision mode (as well as the Fourth Echelon goggles) make their first appearance in this level, returning from Splinter Cell: Double Agent after being absent from Splinter Cell: Conviction.
  • This is Sam's first mission with Isaac Briggs, although Briggs provides overwatch by covering Sam with an SR-25. This takes attention off of Sam which either allows him to take out the distracted enemies or to sneak by, this is entirely up to the player.
  • Zip lines make a return in this level as well, after being absent in Splinter Cell: Conviction.
  • The rebels had tied Kobin to a chair as they tortured him with a pair of metal ends connected to a battery. Kobin's feet were placed in a water basin to conduct electricity as well, the situation is similar to Bruce Morgenholt's interrogation in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.
  • There are a total of about seven rebels that must be knocked out in order to progress for those who are seeking to achieve maximum Ghost points. All of the others can be eluded to earn 'enemies untouched' bonus points.
  • Kobin is the VIP in this mission, failing to escort him result in mission failure.
  • This is the first 'official' mission that Fourth Echelon conducts after being created and activated.
  • During the final cutscene on board the Paladin, Sam tells Briggs to take care of 'our new cargo' (referring to Kobin). While Briggs is meant to be taking him to the holding cell area, instead he walks the opposite direction towards the back of the fuselage.
    • It is possible that Briggs took Kobin to the medical station to patch up his wounds from both the torture and from walking on broken glass.
  • Sunglasses, similar to the pair Sam wore in Splinter Cell: Double Agent, make a brief appearance at the start of the mission as one of Sam's accessories.
  • In the opening cutscene, when Charlie Cole found out that Sam and Kobin had met before he was surprised that Kobin is still alive.
  • It is possible to kill Briggs in this mission by throwing a Sticky Camera equipped with Explosive Charge at Briggs when he is distracting the militia on the road. However, killing Briggs will result in a mission failure.
  • This mission may be based on the 2012 Benghazi Attack.




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