SMG-2, seen in the Collector's Edition trailer.

The SR-2M Veresk (also known as the SMG-2 in game) is a machine pistol featured in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. It is fairly popular among Russian criminals in Prologue, and in Zone 1 in Deniable ops. However, due to its underwhelming stats and inability to equip a suppressor, the SR-2M is fairly unpopular among players. The more powerful, more accurate, longer ranged and suppressed MP7A1 is much more practical for engaging enemies in stealth or firefight situations. Though the ammo for the MP7A1 is impossible to find outside of the weapon stash while the SR-2M is fairly common.


"The SR-2M offers great power in the form of a highly accurate one-handed machine pistol."
Splinter Cell: Conviction


  • The SR-2M is improved varient of original SR-2, however the in-game the weapon is still modeled after the original varient.
  • Like Scorpion Vz.61 and MP7A1, the SR-2M can be fired one-handed in game.

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