The SR-25 is a sniper rifle that appears in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. It was designed by Eugene Stoner and is manufactured by Knight's Armament Company. The design is based on the AR-15, the basis of the M16 assault rifle. The SR-25 is designated MK11 by the United States Navy and was later developed into the United State Army's M110 SASS.

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The SR-25 is Fourth Echelon's standard-issue suppressed sniper rifle. This is the first sniper rifle Sam can buy. It is suppressed by default, has a high magnification scope, good damage output and a 10-round magazine capacity, making it a solid choice for long range threats. Before the SC-IS Sniper Rifle becomes available, its the best sniper rifle in the game. In the semi-auto sniper category, the SR-25 has the longest reach in Mark and Execute


  • The SR-25 is Isaac Briggs sniper rifle of choice, using it when on sniper support for Sam.
  • The SR-25 is carried by US Army personnel in Cuba. When aimed, like all other sniper rifles in the game, it has a red laser sight.
  • The SR-25 also accepts 20-round magazines, which in game model's magazine is based on.

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