SC Knife
SC 'Protector' Combat Knife
Official Name SC 'Protector'
Issued By Third Echelon
Type Multi-Purpose Combat Knife
Blade Length 4-6 inches
Used By Splinter Cells
Notable User Sam Fisher
Appearances CT (Double Edge) - DA - E (Single Edge)

The SC Knife (also referred to as the SC Protector), was Sam Fisher's main close combat weapon. Fisher was first issued this combat knife in Chaos Theory, where he made use of it in both lethal and non-lethal roles.

It was replaced in 2012 by the karambit.


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos TheoryEdit


The SC 'Protector', as seen in art for Chaos Theory

The SC 'Protector' was first introduced in Chaos Theory as a 4 inch long double-edged plain-edge dagger with a subdued blade coloration that Fisher had in a sheath mounted horizontally on the back of his belt. The in-game knife is modeled after the "Gerber Guardian Backup". The weapon could only be used close to an object that was able to be cut, such as a person, wire or relatively thin cloth. The handle of the knife is 1-2 inches longer than the blade itself, with two small ridges used as a hilt. The pommel (or bottom of the handle) is flared up to allow the user to retrieve the knife with a sturdy grip after penetration. The Protector is employed in many ways, from threatening enemies to cutting wires. The knife can also be used to break a lock by forcing the blade into the mechanism, though Fisher is not advised to do this as it is noisy and leaves a trace. The knife replaced the SC Pistol as the choice for interrogation when Fisher took hold of someone. 

The knife's uses various upon the decision made by Sam [the player], it can be used for non-lethal use such as cutting through thin soft material to make a new entrance in which enhances stealth gameplay. Such uses are sometimes necessary for the game to continue. The knife could also be used to puncture holes in power generators for the gasoline to leak out, which would offer a permanent solution to whatever the generator was powering, rather than just turning it off. In Chaos Theory, Sam also used to the knife to cut through a wire to place a tap in surveillance cameras. There are some machinery or switches which Sam can interact by cutting the wires and hot-wiring them to activate something which helps his mission. Finally, the knife replaces the disposable lockpick as a means of forcing a locked door open by breaking the lock. However, using the knife to break is extremely noisy and can alert guards to Sam's position, and the player is only advised to do this if they are pressed for time. Sam can use the knife as an extremely potent close range weapon, by either slitting the enemy's throat, making them chock or by stabbing the knife through the rib cage, into the heart.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double AgentEdit

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The SC "protector"

The knife changed in Double Agent as the knife became single bladed, somewhat shorter Folding knife with an overall length of 7 1/2" and blade length of 3 3/8. the new knife features an integrated secondary lock to enhance its ability by turning it into a virtual fixed blade. The in-game knife is modeled after several different designs of the same relative origin. The first of which is the "MOD Keating Hornet"  where the handle of the new SC-Protector is taken from. The second is the "MOD CQD Mark II", where the locking mechanism and blade are derived from. The creators put both of these blades together to form the new Double Agent "SC Protector". The same techniques were used from Chaos Theory with a few exceptions: Sam never used the knife to cut an enemy's throat while holding them -- for, as a possible reason, it would be messy and loud due to the fact that the victim would cry in panic for a short few seconds. Sam can quickly kill any guards patrolling by him if he gets behind or to the side of the individual. From the side, Sam will slash open the throat of his adversary, though from all other angles he seems to incorporate grappling knife kills into his techniques.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: BlacklistEdit

In Blacklist Sam is given a modern rendition of the Indonesian karambit by his good friend Victor Coste. Throughout the game Sam uses it as an extension of his body using it as a hook to pull in enemies and later finishing them off. As the style of the blade suggests, it is a very efficient weapon for close-quarter encounters as it works as an extension of the fist and can be used in unison with most hand-to-hand fighting styles, but this particular knife is used most often in the Southeast Asian arts of Silat and Kali. The blade is well suited for close quarter work. The use of such a tool is extremely fluid and fast, accentuating the thought of Sam's movement being one fluid motion. While the original model for the knife has folding knife characteristics (much like the SC protector in DA) its actually a fixed-blade knife. 


Sam's Karambit


In the first two Splinter Cell novels, the knife used by Sam Fisher was a USMC Ka-Bar combat knife. He also used a knife in Splinter Cell: Checkmate which was a Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife. This was given to him by Frank Bunch, an old friend of Sam's father and he considers it his good luck charm. After the events of Fallout, Sam Fisher is no longer a part of Third Echelon, and is a disavowed agent on the run in Europe. In Splinter Cell: Conviction, Sam Fisher uses a Gerber Guardian Model 2 as his main knife. Throughout the book however, There are multiple references stating Fisher used the serrations on his knife to cut, saw through, and fray certain items. As His Gerber Guardian does not have serrations this states the existence of yet another knife. Which through an educated guess could make us believe he carried his old SC protector from double agent as a folding knife. Later in the book, we learn that the 3E's lead agent in charge of finding Fisher is carrying and using his old Fairbairn-Sykes and after a fight, Fisher obtains it again. We never find out what happens to his Gerber. In Splinter Cell: Endgame, Hansen is the one using Fisher's FS dagger. Again, from his point of view, we read he encounters Fisher and loses a fight and gives up the knife.


  • The Gerber Guardian Back Up appears to be the same knife Sam used in Chaos Theory or similarly modeled.
  • The SC 'Protector' seems to be based off several knives from the MOD (Masters of Defense) line, specifically the Jim Keating Hornet, but much closer to the MOD Duane Dieter CQD II (The MOD line of knives has been bought out by military/tactical company "BLACKHAWK").
  • In Version 2 of Double Agent, Fisher doesn't have the SC Knife with him in Ellsworth Penitentiary (Version 2), but can find a carving knife later in the level.
  • The knife is mentioned multiple times during interrogations in Chaos Theory. And occasionally in Double Agent.
  • The SC Knife is replaced by the Karambit in Blacklist.
  • The karambit in Blacklist, just like its predecessor the SC Protector, seems to be a "Frankenstein" knife, meaning its been mix-matched with several existing knives. It is a fixed blade knife with the blade portion directly resembling the Strider HS Karambit. Whilst the handle seems to be that of the folding mantis karambit. The knife in Chaos Theory  is a complete copy of the Gerber guardian Backup. which has been with Sam for a very long time both appearing in the game aswell as the books. The knife used in Double Agent was also a "Frankenstein" conception. The handle of the knife is modeled after the MOD Keating Hornet, The Blade and locking mechanism of the knife used in double agent are modeled after the MOD CQD Mark II

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